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88 Ratings

mr.brightside7 ,

Pokemon Black 2 & White 2

In the short gap between Pokémon Black & White and last year’s landmark games Pokémon X & Y, Nintendo did NOT release Pokémon Gray but rather two sequels, Pokémon Black 2 & White 2. The games ended up being quite a success, and not just commercially. Part of what made Pokémon Black & White so fresh was the new world with a complete lack of familiarity (all of the Pokémon available before beating the Champion were brand new), but the experience of going back to that world is kind of like returning to Kanto in Pokémon Gold & Silver—half the fun is seeing what has happened to everyone over the years. Add classic Pokémon to the mix, throw in some new cities and side minigames, and you ended up having a really solid experience.

The curious thing, though, was the announcement of a four-disc soundtrack. Really? Not that four-disc soundtracks are anything new to the gaming world, but was there really that much new music?
Like the surprise success that the games were, however, the soundtrack is also a surprise success. Maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise—this time, the duties are almost exclusively handled by series mainstay Go Ichinose and beloved fan favorite Hitomi Sato.

“Aspertia City” is classic Ichinose: emotional, warm, and diverse. “Rival’s Theme” is the main song for the relatively insignificant support character, but it is a very good song. “Strange House” is spooky but cool. And new tracks “Marine Tube” and “Humilau City” are awesome additions to the Pokémon catalogue. He even turns Sato’s “Colress’s Theme” into an epic battle tune. All around, he turns in yet another strong showing.

Sato clearly runs the show for the most part, and she is in top form as always. “Route 19” is yet another great route song, following in the vein of “Route 2” last time around. “Floccesy Ranch” is fun. (How could it not be when you’ve got that cowbell as part of the beat?) “Virbank City” is her classic “music-on-the-pier” style she would use in X & Y. “Castelia Sewers” and “Join Avenue” are two of her best location songs, and that goes for both versions of “Reversal Mountain” as well—calm and gentle for the Black version, and upbeat and adventurous for the White version, both utilizing the same backing rhythm. Throw in “Lentimas Town”, “White Treehollow”, “Route 22”, and her first ever “Battle! (Champion)” and “Staff Credits” (both absolute winners), and you have a collection of tunes that should not be ignored.

A good chunk of these first three discs goes to PokéStar Studios and the PWT. As for the former, the assortment of backing themes is fine and occasionally quite interesting but generally unspectacular. For the latter, the gym leader/champion battle remixes from throughout the series are a nice recap, but they generally don’t add too much. And the remixes for locations/battles with former legendaries (Uxie, Mesprit & Azelf; Cresselia & Heatran; and Regirock, Regice & Registeel) stick too closely to the originals to really stand out. But where the remixes succeed is with the Pokémon Gym. Featuring seven different gyms, the Castelia version, Humilau version, and multiple versions in Nimbasa are the standouts.

Disc Four consists of outtakes from Emerald and Platinum. For collectors, the Emerald outtakes are necessary, as the Hoenn Battle Frontier contained some excellent pieces (most notably “Battle Factory” and “Battle Dome”). The Platinum inclusions are far less necessary, as many of them would be redone for HeartGold & SoulSilver. But you can (finally) obtain the “Battle! (Giratina)” and “Distortion World” songs, which fans have been craving since the iTunes releases began.

It would be hard to put this soundtrack in the “landmark release” category with several of the other Pokémon soundtracks. But it is absolutely worth checking out and contains some highly memorable songs. Thank you Nintendo for all of the Pokémon soundtracks! We look forward to hearing Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire later this year…and, since it’s the same era, why not release Colosseum’s soundtrack as well?

DivineNtomchukwu ,

Bring On Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!

Now that all of the soundtracks are out and the Black and White era has past, I'm looking forward to this new generation. I can't wait for the Ruby and Sapphire remakes. I know it'll be just as amazing as X and Y which will be hard to beat!

Spindaboy ,

Best Pokemon OST

Not even Pokémon X and Y can trump these awesome tracks! <3 Route 19 and Iris's theme!


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