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Scrubs # 1 ,

I love Pokemon and you should too

The fact that gen 3 now has remakes is phenomenal in my eyes. To experience my childhood in 3D is beyond incredible. Having played through these games and beating the Delta Episode these are without a doubt my favorite pokemon games ever. Pokemon had never been better. Pokemon the series XY is awesome and I love waking up at 7am on a Saturday to catch them premiere, like I always did as a kid. Now 18, I realize how much Pokemon has grown alongside me and I'm so happy it's been successful. Apparently episode 49 of the ensign dub has been confirmed to be the last episode of season 17. I'm both happy as sad. XY the series is without a doubt one of y favorite sagas but I also am sad that so much time has gone by. I remember waking up back in February to catch the first episodes of XY and now alongside these remakes we are already in season 18. Incredible. Thank you GAMEFREAK for letting me enjoy my childhood as well as my last year of high school to the fullest. Best wishes future self, and best wishes future people who come here. I hope you can accomplish your dreams, as will I towards becoming a doctor so no need to worry.
ORAS FTW<3 and Delta Emerald remains a dream for me at least. Regardless; we are all here to have peace loving fun.
Best wishes :D
December 21, 2014
Exactly 1 month after the release of omega ruby and alpha sapphire, brilliant.

SCFelv ,

A couple of the tracks are wrong!

Cable Car is a duplicate track of Fallarbour Town. Obtained BP is also just the Battle Maison track duplicated. Somebody should fix those and any other tracks I missed trying to listen to the album on here.

Most of the soundtrack is remastered BEAUTIFULLY from the original Ruby and Sapphire... However, some of the newer tracks stick out like a sore thumb and a bunch could have been updated MUCH better.

Nixyn ,


The primal battle song is great I love it


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