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14 Ratings

Dustin W ,

Terrible, atrocious album review.

The main review here is awful. First of all, this is not the first Ignite album, but actually the second-to-last, released six years after the first. Second of all, Ignite wasn't following any "late 90s spirit" of anything, as the band actually formed in 1993, and many of the members of the band had already been members of such influential hardcore bands as Uniform Choice. Third of all, I don't really believe that "Pop kids who worship the likes of KORN. LimpBizkit, and Blink 182" will like this album, as Ignite is neither trendy, superficial Pop/Rap/Metal nor radio-friendly punk-influenced pop music, but rather is a hardcore band, and is much deeper in their lyrical content, often dealing with concerns such as environmental destruction, animal rights, and the legacy of Communism in Europe, than any of those other bands could ever hope to be. Fourth of all, only "originals such as Metallica, Suicidal Tendencies, and The Ramones" can keep the spark of "call-to-arm, fist-flailing anthems" alive? Originals of what exactly? While I like all of those bands (well, "And Justice..." and earlier Metallica), and while The Ramones certainly were the first band to officially be labeled "Punk Rock", there certainly would have been no Metallica without Iron Maiden and no Suicidal Tendencies without bands like Minor Threat. I personally do believe that Ignite's music is very anthemic in nature. And since when is TVT records a "corporate modern punk" label? Personally, I believe that the terms "corporate" and "punk" are contradictory in nature anyway. Please don't let anybody else who knows absolutely nothing about hardcore write another review of a hardcore record.

MattFloots ,

Great stuff!

Awesome album, but I would highly recommend checking out some of their earlier albums such as Past Our Means and Call on My Brothers. Probably one of the best post-hardcore bands around. One of the few great bands today that actually utilize the bass in the band. Amazing bass/drum stuff in their work. Check it out!



WorldWide HardCore - one of the best bands to do it in a long time...

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