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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.8 out of 5
373 Ratings

373 Ratings

UnderArmour ,

A Kickass Comeback!

Billy Talent surely has outdone themselves in coming back with a new album. After the success of their first CD, there was a high demand for a new album with all the same rebellion, energy, and downright POWER. And to say that they delivered would be an understatement. This album not only keeps the same things alive about what made Billy Talent so liked, but also maintains a unique identity out of all of Billy Talent's work.

Here are my top 5 favorites on the Album:
1) Devil in a Midnight Mass
2) This Suffering
3) Red Flag
4) Worker Bees
5) Surrender

If you loved Billy Talent's last work, then you are going to LOVE this album. And if you've never heard of Billy Talent, I recommend you start now, because they are one of the most unique and passionate groups now in the music community.

funkywanderer ,

Easily one of the best releases of 2006

My god, are these guys ever good?!?

Billy Talent not only manages to avoid the dreaded sophomore album curse; they have actually put out an album that is better in many ways than their first LP, Billy Talent. Those are strong words, I realize, but you must check it out.

To start with, the production is much tighter on BT II. The bottom end is much thicker, and the over-all tone more even. Their rhythm section is in full swing, and bit more pronounced this time around. Ians guitar just keeps getting better and better, while Ben has found more range in his singing.

You can tell that these guys played a lot in support of their first album because they sound tighter (if that is possible) and more proficient as musicians. The album follows in the direction started by Billy Talent with songs like "Devil in a Midnight Mass", "Covered in Cowardice", and "Fallen Leaves", however, they have found a way to balance their hard-edged sound with a heavy emotional punch on songs like "Pins and Needles" and "Surrender".

A nice bonus is the digital booklet that comes with this iTunes package. It has a complete band bio, lyrics for all the songs, posters, pictures, and some phenomenal art-work.

I have listened to this CD non-stop since purchasing it. With each listen it gets better and better. I am so happy. I really didn’t know if it was possible to outdo, or even match their first album (which is one of my favorites). I’m psyched to say that not only did they match it, but they surpassed it. Rock on Billy Talent! I can't wait for their next CD.

<3 Billy Talent!! ,

Billy Talent II is the best album!!!

I remember a long time ago my freind let me listen to fallen leaves on his MP3 and it sounded good. So I went to iTunes to check out Billy Talent and I ended up buying his whole album! OMG Billy Talent is just amazing. It is definetly worth all the money. You don't have to buy the whole album but I would reccomend doing so. It's Alternative and also Indie Punk. If you like Green Day and music like that you would love Billy Talent. My personal favorite song is Surrender it gets me relaxed. So all you people that are reading my review should go give Billy Talent a try.
Thanks for reading my review!!! :)

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