1 Song, 1 Hour 23 Minutes


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4.0 out of 5
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8 Ratings

Peabs99 ,

Amazing Guided Meditation

I will admit that I did not like this meditation at first because the way Dr Joe Dispenza would change his voice threw off my concentration. But I realized that meditation is a learned skill and that focus and concentration are necessary in order to get the mind into a meditative state. I needed to up my game. So I persisted.

It took a few sessions but once I got past his voice and really honed my focus, I was take to another place. The music, the voices, combined with a violin at certain stages took me to places I had not been to before.

This has become one of my favorite guided meditations. I highly recommend reading one of Dr Joe’s books before using this as it will give you a better understanding on why he’s saying what he is saying.

The meditation spends a good portion on clearing your energy centers, then transitions to calming the body further, then transitions to helping you take energy up into the pineal gland, and then transitions back to relaxation.

It’s a wonderful experience. I like this meditation so much that I do it almost everyday.

burns00000 ,

One of my favorite meditations

I really like this guided meditation and several participating members of my meditation groups have had profound experiences listening to it. Has the potential of getting new meditators into the theta brain wave state but is lengthy. Barry Goldstein does the music which is always inspiring. It is almost an hour and twenty-three minutes in length.

It starts with a “heart lock”, balances and aligns the energy centers, has a portion to lay down for the autonomic nervous system, sits up for the “breath” and focusing on the pineal gland and ends with laying down and releasing again to the autonomic nervous system.

CindymeCindy ,

Ignore the Weird Voice and Get It

The one sample track you can listen to has Dr. Dispenza using a voice that is meant to match the music. It can be "weird" and inconsistent. But as I listened the first time, even though the voice was distracting (I fear it will take a few listens to be able to let go of acknowledging the voice as I'm trying to meditate) I did tell myself while listening to this: It's GENIUS!

He uses some gorgeous operatic voices that I wish he'd use more often. A woman's voice just doing various keys with the rest of the music is quite gorgeous.

My one fear: I doubt I'll be choosing to listen to ANY of his other recordings after hearing this. This one is too good. I only made it through the first hour. It's an hour and 24 minutes long or so....

I will say "GET IT!". It's really amazing. There were some countdowns that I didn't understand. Obviously because I have only attended his progressive workshop and not his advanced, so I don't know what the countdown of 5 to 1 mean. I may pick up his latest Supernatural book at the library (No, I won't, I live in the church-run state of Utah, so it won't be at the library)...or...guess I'll have to buy it. It likely tells us what the countdown is for.

Also, want to note that I wish I was at an Advanced retreat. When everyone is meditating you can attain some heights like you can't do at home. When the room is full of that energy, I can't even imagine how amazing this meditation would be.

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