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4.8 out of 5
31 Ratings

31 Ratings

Coz ,

This album is perfect.

I hated Phantom Planet is missing, and The Guest is pretty good. But to me, this is the best album the band has ever done and possibly will ever do. This album pulled off the scummy garage rock sound off so well that it is amazing at how good it was done. The first time I heard Big Brat I wondered. Who is this? When I saw it was Phantom Planet I thought there was a mistake. I was used to the sunny pop California OC Fan driven Phantom Planet. But this new Phantom Planet I loved. I bought this album the day it came out and fell in love with it. Every song seems to have it's own unique sound. This band pulled off a sound change brilliantly. I love every song on this album. I pray that their new album sounds like this one, and hasn't gone back to the pop sound. This band could do wonders with this sound and they need to realize that. I hope their new album, has this heavy, garage sound. Long live Rock And Roll! - Coz

JohnLocke ,

Cant Wait for Album 4

This CD blew me away. What a departure from The Guest, and a great departure at that. This album is so much fun. If you love rock'n'roll, I highly suggest buying this album.

All the songs are awesome, but the highlights for me are Big Brat, 1st Things 1st, By The Bed, After Hours and The Meantime. Yeah, the highlights are pretty much half the album. That is only because it is so bad@ss

ThusDedalus ,


One of the more perfect albums made. Changing their style from poppy girl anthems to rocking man fist pumps was a genius move and has made a my trips traveling down the road shirtless and windows down with Phantom Planet blaring out the car.

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