Phantom Limb

Phantom Limb

With slightly longer songs (most are over a minute) than previous records, Pig Destroyer's fourth album is closer to death metal than the grindcore (or "deathgrind") they are often associated with. The tempos still reach breakneck speeds, it's just that Phantom Limb finds the band simplifying their approach just enough to inspire the distinction. "Heathen Temple," "Thought Crime Spree" and the titular cut all point out the spot where Slayer, Obituary and Pig Destroyer meet up. Beyond that, the one-two punch of "Fourth Degree Burns" and "Alexandria" features two of guitarist Scott Hull's signature breakdowns, slowing the action to a bludgeoning pace and gathering tension until it's released with the fury of a tornado. Even without playing solos, Hull is one of the most exciting guitarists in metal.

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