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95 Ratings

Terry212am ,

honestly, I think it's a great fit.

Some people dislike ANY STP without Weiland, but the rest of the band is still there, and the DeLeo Brothers were the most important factor in STP. You can hear that by comparing Weiland's solo work. Even when it was good, it wasn't much like STP. Is the first single mellow? Sure. They're in their 50s. Change is more natural than trying to sound like Core. Does the new singer ape Weiland? Sure...but with them churning out new music, you can't accuse him of mere copying. This is new music. Frankly, I'm content to judge it on its merits and be glad that the DeLeo brothers have found someone who understands how to honor the past and push forward with new material.

The Yeeting Cow ,

It's litterally a folk versoin of Green Day.

Listen to track #1. What's not to like like?

SoftVinyL! ,


STP has been heading in this direction since the Purple album. Fans should not be shocked. I've always wanted this kind of album from the band and am so glad that they were brave enough to actually do it. I always expected it to happen when Scott Weiland was still alive...and sadly the world lost him to his demons. They tackled this vibe though in some VERY beautiful songs ("And So I Know", "Pretty Penny", "Sour Girl", "Atlanta", "I Got You", "Hello It's Late", "A Song For Sleeping", "Samba Nova", etc...).

Perdida is a result of the recordings i listed above. Jeff Gutt is a welcome member of the band and i never thought that STP could ever find a good replacement after Weiland. Jeff Gutt's vocals are sometimes hauntingly like Weiland which really adds to the vibe of this album. Jeff Gutt definately has his own voice and is perfect for STP. Light some candles, dim the lights and take a beautiful trip with a band that has gone beyond expectations and gave us an album to experience and grow with.

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