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4.7 out of 5
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53 Ratings

Wicket02 ,

Bryah! Finally! Buckethead Defeats iTunes In The Battle Of Recognition!

Beautiful. Just simply beautiful. Music like this brings a tear to ones eye. While there are some that prefer Buckethead's wild unpredictable and messed up pschotic attitude, hearing him also play easily accessible music to the masses is something else. That's what makes music perfect. When musicians spread their pallet to encompass as many genres they can fill on their plate, and still play like they've been playing since the Stone Age. That shows true talent right there. Those who want hard and heavy and fast, look no further. This is by far one of the Brian's accessible CD's by far. Track's like Pepper's Ghost, Magua's Scalp, and Brewer in The Air shows Buckethead's take on mainstream rock, while The Hills Have Headcheese and Embalming Pizza bring back memories of weirdness past.

By far, Buckethead manics should get this, but also if you are looking for some hard rock, and dissaprove of the crap hitting today's radiowave fan, this is for you. But if you don't think Buckethead is a great guitarist, give him one last chance and listen to Bag Some Game. If you don't call that talent, you obviously listen to The Jonas Brothers. Also, I've heard from online people that he tries to sound "too much like Joe Satriani on this album". Excuse me? This is Buckethead, people. He plays like Satch, Vai, and Malmsteen thrown in a blender with a machete and a squeeky toy!

Also, keep in mind that he's playd with Serj tankian, Mike Patton, danced like a robot, danced with mad nunchuck twirling skills, donates 5$ to KFC and chicken liberation corporations, scares little kids, rescues little kids from demonic lobster scorpion babysitters and STILL manages to throw out a deadly solo out in a single day.

You don't call that guts? Hmm, I sure do. *eats chicken with a hockey mask*

samohtben ,

A collection of standouts

This, to me, is a concept album. The concept is perfectly executed heavy yet melodic songs. Was he proving something with this album? Not sure, but he proved something to me!

srynne ,

A very solid Buckethead album

This is one of Buckethead's better albums, however, there are not too many stand out tracks. Peppers Ghost is a solid song to start off. Carpal Tunnel Slug, Magua's Scalp, and Imprint are all great songs. Goblin Shark is another good song. Brewer in the Air is probably my favorite song off of the album. Exit 209 and Plankton are two more very good songs. I dont really like the next two tracks and Towel in the Kitchen is another good song. Callbox is another great Buckethead song. Embalming Plaza is a bad way to end the album. So in the end this is another great Buckethead album but not as good as some of his other works.

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