17 Songs, 1 Hour


Banjo, synth, and Kacey Musgraves collide on the alt-folk-hop trio’s latest.


Banjo, synth, and Kacey Musgraves collide on the alt-folk-hop trio’s latest.


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4.3 out of 5
60 Ratings

60 Ratings

Scottie V ,

Raw, Resonating, & Deeply Personal

This is truly an album in an age where music seems to be forgetting what it means to craft more than just a string of singles. Judah tapped into the heartbreak, loss, and hopelessness that came when his parents divorced and it felt like his family and support system were broken in a time that should have been the peak of his life.

He also brings in self-exploration and ultimately hope as the main themes to craft a musical journey that’s deeply relatable, even for someone who hasn’t gone though that exact situation.

But how is the actual music? I’m happy to report that even though it’s not at all a rehash of their breakout Folk Hop n Roll, it’s an evolution that’s totally in step with what makes this band such a delight. Judah and the Lion remains a unique sound that blends hip hop, rock, and good ole fashioned blue grass together in a way that shouldn’t work on paper, but when it hits your ear it you can’t help but succumb to the unique fusion of mandolin, banjo, and bass.

You’ve got slow, hauntingly beautiful harmonies featuring Kacey Musgraves smooth vocals, fast fist-bumping bangers, shout-sing along anthems, and uplifting beats packed one. At 17 songs, it could feel overstuffed, but is instead perfectly paced.

I can already see myself listening to the journey start to finish on long drives, as well as pulling in the right single for the perfect moment of the day. I’ll get amped, reflect in other moments, or take a moment to just bask in raw emotion.

Pep Talks is here and represents a bold step in a career of a band I intend to follow for the long haul.

StoryLine013 ,

Wow that blew me away

Okay, okay, gonna be honest: i expected some of these songs to flop hard. But in reality, they pretty much all bop hard. This record hit me in the deep emotions but also made me wanna dance like a madwoman. The lyrical content is a huge step up for j&tl, and i’m proud of their growth!! The fact that not a lot of people are talking about it is just...how???? can you let this go under your radar??? 11/10 will be listening on repeat for a good week

Apples_517 ,

Genuinely Fantastic

Very full after hearing this album. Thank you for making it! Really impressive work of art - downers, uppers, and a party to go along with it.

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