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5 Ratings

Rock Tale Hour ,

Great Music Loaded with Meaning

Steve Bonino’s Peace Rocks is a riff-based, vocally driven rock album that seeks a resurgence of anti-establishment ideals and pays tribute to the counterculture of the past with a modern twist. Lyrically, the album is loaded with deep meaning and embodies a 21st Century spin on the peace movement, free love, and civil unrest of the ‘60s. Peace Rocks makes you realize that despite 50 years of progress, society’s challenges and unrealized ideals haven’t changed much.

Bonino takes us on a pacifist romp from “Peace March” through “Big Brother,” where he excoriates the “fascist state” that “rob[s] us of our privacy” “to keep security.” And in “Will the World Mourn?” he poignantly asks “who can stop what is happening right now?” and “will the world mourn when we are gone?” Peace Rocks rounds out its progressive themes with “Paradise Lost” that warns us not to “mess with Mother Nature” who is “our home” and an “unforgiving landlord.” The album is literally a “Wake Up Call” for a “world turned upside down” where “the good are now called evil and the evil are called good.” Bonino challenges listeners to have a “Personal Revolution” by extending a hand to offenders and not pushing others away because they are different. The artist does not excuse himself. In “Peace, Love, Truth & Understanding” the singer admits that he can’t face himself in the mirror anymore, observing that “I see the brokenhearted people living in the world, and I can’t take it anymore.” The album leaves us with the final plea, “what is it going to take to find our way to peace, love, truth and understanding?”

Peace Rocks is as great musically as it is inspiring lyrically. Although in capturing a retro feel that matches the message, the music doesn’t break any new ground. Bonino is a seasoned vocalist, and his Beatle-esque harmonies and energetic guitar licks on “True North” match the passion and imagery of a man “heading where love is” and “risking it all.” The album has infectious riffs like the acoustic bass-line phrase that launches “Paradise Lost” and the dynamic acoustic and electric riffs in “Big Brother.” This is an album that stays in your head, and your head is happy it’s there. Peace Rocks ROCKS!


Elsie004 ,

Excellent Music!

Steve Bonino has consistently put out music that will have your feet tapping & mood lifted by just pressing the "play" button! You can see that he wishes for peace through the words he writes, not just the title of the album. There are plenty of catchy tunes, but also tunes for "reflection" as well. "Dyin for Love" states that in a "hopeful generation we're trying to fill the hole in our hearts", "Construction" talks about how it ultimately starts in our heart, & "Godsexmoney" makes us examine what our priorities might be. There isn't a bad song on the CD, kudos for sharing your music with the rest of us!

El Kaye ,

Are you ready to rock???

Steve Bonino's debut solo album offers up a terrific collection of songs from this incredible artist that has worked in and around the So. Cal area for many years and has the talent to back up his reputation. He writes music that not only rocks but also has deeper meaning enveloped in a wry, sarcastic sense of humor which he delivers in his inimitable vocal style. This is one artist to watch and this album is a great introduction to his work!