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7 Ratings

Jakethewhale ,

Best PC Music to date.

PC Music's really come a long way in the past year. They signed to Columbia and have had bigger releases and music videos, and this Volume is a good place to start for new fans. Hannah Diamond has her most mature music, "Hi" is an easy highlight, chronicling a lonely web relationship. A.G. Cook delivers the most passionate PC Music song with "Superstar". Danny L Harle has had a HUGE year with "Broken Flowers" playing on BBC1, as well as a collaboration with Carly Rae Jepsen, which also appears on the record. GFOTY released an EP and an Album, as well as a short film which "Poison" was a part of. And then you have PC Music's big collaboration with Chis Lee, who was a surprise and came out with one of my favorite singles, "Real Love/ Only You". Felicita released his first music video and ep under PC Music, and easyFun teamed up with amazing singer songwriter Noonie Bao on "Monopoly". "IDL" wraps up the compilation with the most beautiful, mostly instrumental, build that PC Music has ever offered. It's amazing to see what happened, all the live events and collabs, but what happens next... that's the fun stuff.

lilahthecrocodilah ,

Still holds up great a year later

Almost all of PC Music’s releases have held up incredibly well, even from 2013 with Like You, Bobby, Pink & Blue, and more. For the label’s second compilation, the song selection emphasized the bright, bold poppier side of the label. After opening with sad banger “Fade Away” by Hannah Diamond (hopefully a future household name), we’re hit by a blast of pure euphoria from ENORMOUS Danny L Harle and Carly Rae Jepsen. “Super Natural” is almost like “Run Away With Me” (also by Carly), sharing the bliss and high energy of the 2015 track from Carly’s critically lauded third album, E•MO•TION. The third track comes to us from A. G. Cook, the label’s director. “Superstar” May have been a rejected demo for Zedd, but Alex blows anything Zedd could have done out of the water, with emotional and most importantly EXTREME vocals. EASYFUN (formerly known as easyFun before easyJet squashed his capitalization choices and logo) collaborates with the singer/songwriter behind both her own arsenal of pop gems and hits by MØ, Carly Rae Jepsen, Charli XCX, and Camila Cabello. The result is even catchier than what anyone could expect, and EASYFUN’s production is immaculate as always. GFOTY hits solid gold (again) with Poison, a super catchy, sorta terrifying, and very fun track that is, at times, tinged with a bit of industrial and punk.

Like 2015’s Volume 1, the sixth track is the most experimental on the compilation. Felicita (who has previously released under Gum Artefacts, and collaborated with A. G. Cook under the alias Lipgloss Twins) is always reliable to cook up something delightful and strange, and “A New Family” (the title track of an incredible EP that is one of my favorite PC Music releases ever) engulfs you in distorted basslines, confetti-like synth arpeggios, and excited shrieks and pitched up vocals from Chloe Sachikonye and Matt Copson. The perfect follow up to this is “Hi” by Hannah Diamond, one of the catchiest and most acclaimed pop songs from the label. Hannah’s stream-of-consciousness lyrics about anxiety over an Internet crush and Cook’s production match remarkably well, creating an underground electropop hit. “Broken Flowers” by Danny L Harle is an update of one of the very first singles the label put out in 2013. While this update (released in 2015 on the Broken Flowers EP) is shorter than the deleted 2013 original, the production is more slick and it still retains the 90’s House vibe of the original track. Unsurprisingly, this became one of the label’s biggest hits in the U.K., making it onto BBC Radio 1’s A-List.

I’m personally not the biggest fan of Chris Lee’s track, as I feel like the production is a darker retread of “Hi”, I know plenty of people who adore the track. I would have rather seen “Doodle” by Lipgloss Twins (or “MONEY ME” by Spinee & GFOTY, “Snow Globe” by Dux Content, or “heads will roll / I will devour you” by felicita) as the 9th track to balance the compilation’s ratio of shiny pop to experimental electronica. I’m actually a big fan of the other half of the Chris Lee double-A-Side on the label (“Real Love”), and the joint music video for “Only You/Real Love” is awesome. The song isn’t bad by any means, and to be the weakest track on a compilation this solid is still pretty good.

The final track is IDL by Life Sim (almost certainly an alias of Finn MacTaggart), which is an emotional experience and the perfect closer for the compilation. The music video - made up of various short clips from recent movies - is beautiful but even without it, the track remains cinematic and transcendent.
Basically this compilation is great, and buying it and other work from the label would be a great decision.

Faux Pas ,

PC Music

I've never been happier to purchase anything in my life. If it means supporting PC music, I'm in

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