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22 Ratings

FleshyHeadedMonkey ,

A Wholly Different Musical Experience

Passionflower brought me to Jon Gomm, the video viewed 8+ million-and-counting times, which shows his unusual techniques, from the hot -- almost overdriven -- miking of his classical guitar to the Flamenco-inspired rhythms played on the guitar's body, to the use of both hands on the fretboard and turning the tuning keys to create a portamento effect. It would all be easy to dismiss as a gimmick if it wasn't so goshdarn *musical*. Gomm's unique style never quite seems to cross the line into "hey, bet you've never seen anybody do this before," but rather seems nested within songs themselves, as if to say, "this is just what I had to do in order to capture the sound in my head." In fact, it was less the quirkier aspects of Passionflower that won me over so much as the vocal, melody and lyric. And those elements are strong thoughout Secrets Nobody Keeps, to the point where I quickly lose focus on the OMG! factor of there being only one person playing these songs in one take with no overdubs and instead just find myself enjoying the songs, which are not ultimately all that different from other top-notch singer/songwriter fare (in fact, I was at first a little surprised how "commercial" songs like "There's No Need to Be Afraid" are). And I feel confident that's how Jon wants his music appreciated: for the songwriting and the emotional effects of the sonic performance, not the gee whiz aspect of his live performance. Point being, I think any fan of acoustic music with male vocals will be well able to enjoy Secrets Nobody Keeps. It's just really good music.

Charvel111 ,


Buy it already!

Ryan Centauri ,

First time...

I laid ears on Jon’s guitar play, I was hooked.
This album is a collection of the finest craftsmanship when it comes to music.
For me being a musician myself, I will say what matters most, is that there are tiny flaws.
Little slip ups in timing, which means one thing: This is truly live recorded. Not ironed flat and synthetically perfected. It breathes and that makes his music so alive. Amongst all the artificial “off the rack” Music that’s being “produced” nowadays, Jon is one of very few individuals, that are still going the independent route, proving, that pure talent is still being valued by the listening public.
Also thanks to Jon I was introduced to Michael Hedges Wizardry, causing me to the the instrument as such in a totally different light.

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