22 Songs, 46 Minutes


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2.7 out of 5
3 Ratings

3 Ratings

NYYazFan ,

France & Diane Lane perfection

Diane Lane is perfect as she usually is. I loved the scenery music the food is beautiful the story telling was a little lite. It was good I’m glad I rented it.

applepiemuthafritters ,

If haute cuisine and France Tourism begat a love child

The music much like the movie is geared towards a 1920s to 1930s nostalgia chic: sentimental music of that period when bohemian pauperism was popularized by starving (mostly American and English writers like Henry Miller and Ezra pound escaped the bland familiarity of their non-descript existences in droves for flashy Paris. There is the ubiquitous use of the accordion reminiscent of spontaneous street dancing and smoke-filled cafes but, otherwise, a bare-bones, stripped-down instrumental triviality of an effort, which, without Diane Lane’s participation in the much more evocative and flavorfully executed film would not be worth mentioning, or downloading. The soundtrack is so hard to review without mentioning the more successful film. I understand that the purpose of the soundtrack wasn’t to make bands the most memorable thing about the soundtrack, but rather, perhaps to encourage the imagination - to steep, momentarily, in to the millieu of the fabled districts of Paris; with the fleeting music not lasting below five minutes, purchasing the soundtrack would only be for the rare diehard fan. If the listeners went just by the twenty-two clips of music because one hadn’t seen the movie yet, they would be disappointed to know that there were at least two Top 40 pop songs which were played by Phoenix, fronted by Thomas Mars. On a sidenote, I would have to disagree respectfully, with the reviewer below describing the story as “light.” The love affair wasn’t meant to be between the human characters but with the country of France, at least the South Of France. The highlight of the movie was the beauty of France, the history of France, the haute cuisine. Francis gorgeous by Diane Lane is always magnificent.

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