Petit Biscuit’s gauzy atmospheres grow teeth on the Frenchman’s second album. On his 2017 debut, wispy highlights like “Sunset Lover” and “Problems” dissolved into a cloud of colored smoke. Parachute is just as hazy, but the beats are heavier this time around. “Parachute” underpins dreamy synths with a forceful, half-tempo bass groove, while on “Take Cover,” a tantalizing hint of trap fuels bottom-heavy kick drums and nimble hi-hats. Even the blissed-out “Constellation” smuggles sharpened cymbals and a surprising flourish of psych-rock guitar inside its billowing folds. But Petit Biscuit’s signature future house remains central to his sound: “Burnin” plays whimsical syn-flutes off dream-pop guitars, while “Drivin Thru the Night” updates silky deep house with the producer’s own muted vocal harmonies. It all comes to a head on “I Leave Again,” where Shallou’s falsetto chorus floats above sparkling chords, but he leaves us with one final surprise. The jagged drums and synth stabs of “Hang On” have trap-rave banger written all over them, but the song’s outro is just the musician alone at the piano—unaccompanied, unplugged, and as vulnerable as it gets.

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