10 Songs, 39 Minutes


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4.8 out of 5
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14 Ratings

Doodl ,

Great songwriting!

I've been listening to this CD for 6 weeks now and it was money well spent!! It's so nice to come across an artist that really knows how to write songs, and this guy can do it very well!

I saw D'Amato open for Don McLean at a show in New Jersey about 6 weeks ago and, unlike most opening acts, he kept my attention. It was a little hard to hear there and so I missed a lot of the lyrics he was singing that night. But, lucky for me, I usually buy the CD of the opening act at the show -- just to try to give the musicians at least a little support. And usually I listen to it once and it goes on a shelf.

But I started playing this CD and I'm still playing it! The thing that grabs me the most is that this guy can write *excellent* lyrics. The music is great too, of course. But to me, the lyrics are just as important. I can't remember the last time I bought music where I actually wanted to sit down and read the lyrics while the songs play.

I'm glad this will be on iTunes soon so that everyone can discover how great this guy is.

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