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4.5 out of 5
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77 Ratings

Sliderocity ,


Not much I can say. Listen to "Painter In Your Pocket" and tell me you're not blown away. I can't stop listening to it.

bigsubbie ,

Not a fan...until now...

I have to say that I have always found this kind of music to be annoying. Now, having said that, I think this record really is great. I have made so many attempts to like Destroyer in the past, but have always failed. This record really seals the deal for me. Mostly because the music is SO intelligent. If you really think about what Bejar has to say, it is profound and it is really great. On the surface it may all seem trite and words for the sake of words, but it really goes beyond all that. This really is a new high for Bejar, I think, and this is a CD definietly worth owning.

Benjamin Profane ,

Wonderful Work

I discovered Dan Bejar's full-time job by stumbling across Streethawk in a used CD store (to the crazy fool that sold that disc back: thank you!) about three years ago. I've been hooked on the man ever since I first heard the Bad Arts. Dan Bejar is quite simply my favorite current artist. Bearing this bias in mind, trust me when I say Destroyer's Rubies is a fantastic record. It has a jazzier feel to it than the band's/man's last three records and as such hearkens back to City of Daughters and some of Thief. At the same time, Destroyer's Rubies offers amazing extended jams like those on This Night (though not nearly as weird). Some would describe the album as a summation of the Destroyer oeuvre to this point and that statement's not too far off--though the synthesizers found in small doses on Thief and City of Daughters (and large doses on Your Blues) are nowhere to be found. The best connection to make between this work and something with which you're likely more familiar is late-1960s Dylan--a little country, a little rock'n'roll--and Bejar's wonderfully, nasally voice increases the aptness of the association (in fact his delivery here seems to owe something to Dylan moreso than it has in the past, though I still here his Robyn Hitchcock impersonations at various times).

This is not may favorite Destroyer record (Streethawk and City of Daughters are perfect and this one is not), but it's an excellent addition to Bejar's body of work.

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