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5 Ratings

Bomer-B ,

A Cry In the Dark

We have all been there, that dark moment when it seems as if nothing will ever go right for us, anything that has seemed to go right was just an illusion, and the present is so filled with upheaval that no solid ground can be found.

This album seems to springs from that feeling. The Broken Remotes are a Los Angeles band, but to place them in that land of spoiled milk and rancid honey is to do them a disservice.

I could hold every song up to scrutiny and champion it as something to hang your hat on. But in the interest of insisting that you spend your hard-earned cash, I'm going to focus on 'Lose the Swagger'.

Try not tapping your toes. Try not nodding your head. Try not singing along. The beauty of this song is you find yourself agreeing with the singer while GAINING A SWAGGER. Jon Leahy's voice seems to insist that you can find your own truth, that all is not lost, that this moment is worth fighting for.

It is a classic single. And in today's music world where fragmentation is the order of the day, it is beyond refreshing to hear a cry in the dark, a shout in the sun, a sigh under cover. This album is all of those expressions. Just when you think you know where the Broken Remotes are coming from, they glory in sucker-punching you out of your expectations.

You will be glad you let them. Sometimes you have to get hurt to feel better.

the lesson ,


These guys are awesome! Why haven't you listened to them yet?

cjfennimore ,

Great Album Top to Bottom

Seriously, I usually buy an album and like 2 or 3 songs, but was pleasantly surprised by how solid this album was. I hate to reference other bands, but if you like Weezer or Pavement, you will like the Broken Remotes. "Arms Held Aloft" is great, upbeat song that gets stuck in your head instantly and you don't want it out. "Where the Curb is Painted Red" reminds me of The Shins pre-Garden State. Before Zack Braff and his cloying movie ruined them for me. That part where he puts the headphones on Natalie Portman and tells her she has to listen to this. I don't know why, but I instantly felt stupid for liking them. It's like when you are sitting in your car listening to a Jay-Z song and kind of enjoying it. Then you look over and see your dopey yuppie friend rapping along. You can't help but instantly feeling like an idiot even though you didn't do anything. Plus, why is Zack Braff still making "Scrubs?" No one is watching. I guess the upside is it keeps him from making movies. I digress, but iTunes says no one reads past 200 words anyway. In summary, Broken Remotes Great.

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