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Ian E. ,

NOT 1977, released 2016

Another fantastic Oxygene album !

D-Mo. ,

Oh dear :-(

A lifelong Jarre fan, I was so excited for this album, but have been left so very disappointed. He has said that this album is what Oxygene should be like in 2016, which is a mindset I totally understand, however, this sounds more like a tribute band, than the man himself. It sounds unoriginal, but with a few nods to the original laced throughout. It plods it's way through, keeping me wondering.....is something cool about to happen? It never does. I love this man, I love his music deeply, but for ME, personally, this is probably the worst thing he's done. :-(

Jarreforever2132 ,


The legend is back! Oxygene 3 is a wonderful journey, so go escape. If your into Jarre also check out Brand New Day or Universal Delight by Eric Walker. He sounds like a cross between Jarre and Tangerine Dream with a little Vagelis mixed in.

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