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9 Ratings

Mike726 ,

Best MOS Album Avalible

I heard about MOS a few times from friends, decided I would take the plunge and purchase one of their albums. Just so happens 'Our Constant Concern' was the one I picked up out of all the others avalible. Perhaps it was meant to be. This album is catchy, poppy, uplifting, and soo amazingly cute. My guy friends laugh at me when I turn this on but it's ok because they always feel the love of the duo. Great album. I can't put my figure why exactly but this album has been much more special to me than any other MOS album.

Adventureface ,

Our Constant Concern

I first heard mates of state on a Polyvynil mix cd, and I thought it was pretty strange, but the more I listened to the one song (Hoarding it for home) The more I found it endearing and addictive. That pretty much sums up the album. The music itself is fairly simple, just drums and an old organ, but it serves its purpose, especially on Quit Doin' It. My favorite tracks on this particular release are Hoarding it For Home, 10 Years later, Have and Have-Nots and especially I know, and I said Forget it. They are a great band.

Adriana a.k.a SunFlOwErrr ,

I <3 Kori and Jason!!

OMGosh Mates of State r the best!! (for me) ..ok this album wasn't their best..me: i like the album Team Boo but this album is still good, great, grood(???)..uhm the point is that they r indie which means i like em'. Kori's voice sounds so sweet which makes a great combination with Jason's expectacular drumming (ima drummer meself) But from this album i like "Hoarding it for Home"...and "Girls Singing" and..."Quit Doin' It"..yeah and if you don't like this album then go $%@# urselves...no offense (did i spell that right?..w/e)
...k TaTa lOvasss and M.O.S. (indie)roxx!!

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