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4.8 out of 5
54 Ratings

54 Ratings

That one guy who wrote reviews ,

Not a single critique comes to mind

Not enough vocals ? No, just the perfect amount. There's irony with their name coming from a nirvana song because I kinda feel like Zachary Cole Smith is the Kurt Cobain of our generation. Diiv may be on the opposite end of the music spectrum, but Zach is carrying the band and forging ahead for greater things to come. He is representative of the same things and is paving the way for a nu nu-gaze. Lol. The bonus tracks are very so so, but every song off the core album will in fact take you to a "different realm" a happy realm. Couldn't have said it any better my self.

EvenTheLosers ,

Dreamy, atmospheric soundscapes

I usually steer clear of contemporary alternative music - I dislike the derivative dross that passes for new music these days and it depresses me so. Enter DIIV into a jaded, old rock-snobs life! - I seriously just stumbled on to them via the new video campaign for Saint Laurent today and was pleasantly surprised - As much as I loath blatant copying or heavy referencing DIIIV favorably conjure up guitar reminiscent of The Chameleons (UK), early Interpol and maybe a little of fellow washy/jangle keister Wild Nothing. Anyway, if you're a jaded, heard-it-all Gen-Xer or someone with a more open mind that favors music of the atmospheric, shoegazer-ish or dark-wave flavor I think you might like this.

madscientist14 ,

Excellent shoe-gaze/alt/indie

DIIV strikes me as the east coast twin of Film School. I don't mean that in a judgemental or negative way. just saying. If you like Film School, you will enjoy this familiar terrain (and vice versa). Great ambience and mood to the album.

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