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4.2 out of 5
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19 Ratings

Miss Thunder ,

Loving it!

I am loving the song “In Vertigo.”
Screw these haters, Vicki is rocking them vocals. Everyone needs to realize Alissa is better in Arch Enemy. She moved on. Move on and quit asking for her to be back. You don’t like Vicki, then stop being judgmental and go listen to Alissa’s music. I love both; and both Vicki and Alissa rock! I am looking forward for this new album <3

DennisClayton ,


Honestly, I wasn't sure at first, but listening to the album, yep, this singer is better than the last one. I just couldn't get into the last singer though she was good, her voice had a sort of thinness to it, this one is richer with more texture, and she seems to have more skills with different variations, it isn't repetetive like it was before, I bought this album, but though I liked the Agonist before, couldn't quite bring myself to buy one of their albums until now, so I think the proof is in the pudding, Alissa had excellent clean vocals on her acapella (swan lake) that I can listen to for eternity, but it always felt too forced and somehow artificial when she screamed, despite the technical agility she always had, it was missing something, which was frustrating. This singer obviously has the same level of skill, but more heart in the vocals, I think it comes down to emoting and not letting that take a backseat to technique, the technique should be forgotten while the singer is singing, I don't think Alissa had that down or maybe her voice just isn't getting mixed the way it should, it's a little thin or tinny, even for th genre, reminds me of Pantera's sound production back in the day, not quite right, but who knows.

heliotropin ,

So stoked

Epic album! The vocals and music are excellent! By far one of my favorites.

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