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Kat1754 ,

Like Fine Wine

Ozzy gets better and better with age! If the 3 tracks are anything like the rest of the album, we, the fans are in for an amazing ride! Been a fan since the beginning of BS and 65 years young. I can definitely say there is, nor will there ever be another Ozzy Osbourne, The Prince of Darkness, who is absolutely “Not An Ordinary Man” 🖤

Tony "The Man" ,

Ozzy at his finest!

First three tracks are classic Ozzy. Love it.

srv lover ,


Whoever did the sound engineering/mixing needs fired. The instruments sound AWFUL and HOLLOW. As a long time Ozzy fan, you are all blowing smoke. The lyrics are uninspired (he literally says “I’ll make you defecate”) and the guitar sounds fake or a direct input into a computer. The only half decent song is the Elton John feature so far; however, Elton likely had significant say in the production, or a different engineer was involved. I’ve played several instruments for years and take great pride in really fine-tuning my sound. I can almost guarantee this is a direct input from guitar to computer, being pushed through a computer amp. Otherwise, they’ve altered the sound so much I’m not sure what the point is. A sad day for true Ozzy fans who have higher standards from him. I enjoy all the people who think the low ratings are because of a lack of “taste.” Sorry to tell you, Ozzy is NOT good here. My favorite Ozzy albums are Diary of a Madman and No More Tears. I’ve played the albums so many times it would be impossible to count. Scream wasn’t a horrendous album either. The second Ozzy worked with Post and started overproducing his music is the day he killed the raw edge to the sound. I hope they remaster the singles prior to release- otherwise, the album is going to be...interesting.

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