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119 Ratings

Kat1754 ,

Like Fine Wine

Ozzy gets better and better with age! If the 3 tracks are anything like the rest of the album, we, the fans are in for an amazing ride! Been a fan since the beginning of BS and 65 years young. I can definitely say there is, nor will there ever be another Ozzy Osbourne, The Prince of Darkness, who is absolutely “Not An Ordinary Man” 🖤

Roth Baby! ,

His best since no more tears

This will be really really really good! The one star reviews are baseless and are not factual.. This is his best work since No more Tears. He’s in his 70s this is simply brilliant. Forget the trolls. I’m 26 years old this is great stuff.

srv lover ,


Whoever did the sound engineering/mixing needs fired. The instruments sound AWFUL and HOLLOW. As a long time Ozzy fan, you are all blowing smoke. The lyrics are uninspired (he literally says “I’ll make you defecate”) and the guitar sounds fake or a direct input into a computer. The only half decent song is the Elton John feature so far; however, Elton likely had significant say in the production, or a different engineer was involved. I’ve played several instruments for years and take great pride in really fine-tuning my sound. I can almost guarantee this is a direct input from guitar to computer, being pushed through a computer amp. Otherwise, they’ve altered the sound so much I’m not sure what the point is. A sad day for true Ozzy fans who have higher standards from him. I enjoy all the people who think the low ratings are because of a lack of “taste.” Sorry to tell you, Ozzy is NOT good here. My favorite Ozzy albums are Diary of a Madman and No More Tears. I’ve played the albums so many times it would be impossible to count. Scream wasn’t a horrendous album either. The second Ozzy worked with Post and started overproducing his music is the day he killed the raw edge to the sound. I hope they remaster the singles prior to release- otherwise, the album is going to be...interesting.

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