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3.7 out of 5
196 Ratings

196 Ratings

ophidian ,

Good Continuation of the Original Story...

... but unfortunately not a GREAT continuation. The story-line is good, it picks up 18 years later (which is how long ago the first Operation Mindcrime was released) with Nikki, the main character getting out of prison.

For the most part, the story is a nice wrap-up and the music has a lot of the sound from the 1988 release. Some of the better tunes that stand out are I'm American, The Hands, Re-Arrange You, & The Chase (featuring Ronnie James Dio on guest vocals as Dr. X). But there are also some real fillers on this release as well. Circles is one in particular that is a song that fans will just skip right over. The final song ends the story on a weak note as well.

All in all, fans of Queensryche's original Operation Mindcrime will dig this, as will anyone who was looking for a musical return to their roots. Good album, just don't expect another great epic like Operation Mindcrime.

Straw242 ,

Not Very Good!!

Okay, I'm a Queensryche fan. I love their old stuff alot, but I was very disappointed by this album. Eighteen years in the making, and it doesnt live up to the hype. You dont know how disappointed I was of it. It doesnt even hold a flame to Part I. The songs on this album are too slow and mellow. Now mind you, I did not expect something real heavy, but the riffs on this album arent even that good. Remember, almost half of this band's creative driving force has gone. Chris DeGarmo. Enough said. I personally think Empire is better than this album. Operation Mindcrime II is not a good album at all. Very disappointed in it. It's way too boring. Who else is with me on this? I can't possibly be the only one.

MtlHead656 ,

Open Mindcrime

This album is, without a doubt, one of the best Queensryche albums ever made. To get it and enjoy it you have to do the same thing you did with OM1 when it came out. Listen to it over and over again until it clicks. Critics panned Operation Mindcrime when it came out and now they call it One of, if not the best, Concept Album ever written. They use words like Epic and classic to describe it. Back then they were using words and phrases like "Trash and I don't get it." The problem with Queensryche is they've alwas thought outside the box and broke new barriers with their music. Wether we liked it or not they never pigeon holed themselves into any category. Just because this album isn't what some people consider "Metal" Doesn't mean it isn't a great album. I, and from what I've seen alot of people agree with me, think this CD will be called a classic someday.

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