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12 Ratings

MDiamond ,

Review excerpt from Music and Media Focus

For a pianist, having your music compared to the likes of George Winston, David Lanz, or Jim Brickman, can be a lot to live up to. For David Nevue, however, that accolade is not without merit. I’ve known of his music for years and have had the pleasure of writing about his previous release, “A Delicate Joy.” Now, in 2013, David has recently released his “Open Sky” album, which he sees as one of his most diverse yet, including thirteen original compositions plus arrangements of "Scarborough Fair," "The Water is Wide," "For the Beauty of the Earth" and "Morning Has Broken.” The first song on the album is the title track, which has a wonderful sense of lightheartedness and openness that drew me right in from the start. I liked the way David’s left hand anchored the song with a repeating pattern while the right hand deftly explored the melodic terrain. This was an excellent choice for an opening track.

I loved the lightness and luminosity of a song called “The Sound of Sunshine,” which David refers to as “a celebration of those "wide awake moments" when you feel truly alive, almost as if you were somehow standing a little closer to heaven.” Its not surprising that there is an air of spirituality that comes through in David’s music, being the person of deep and abiding faith that he is. While David sometimes reveals his abilities with brilliant and intricate compositions, his talent is also reflected in songs like “Butterfly Dance,” whose brilliance lies in its simplicity and understatement. Another track, which I liked very much, was “Distant Thunder.” What stood out to me about this one was the way that David emphasized the space between the notes and phrases, as much as the notes themselves, evoking the distance referenced in the song’s title. In the expanding galaxy of solo piano artists, the combination of technique, feeling, and vision that David Nevue brings to his music illuminates him as one of the shining stars of the genre.

bhorner3 ,

Unparalleled Piano

My first exposure to solo piano music came from my father's collection of Windham Hill cassettes back in the mid-80s. Starting with my own collection of George Winston albums after my graduation from college, I've embarked on a 30-year long delicious search for the world's finest works of solo piano. David was an early favorite, along with Jennifer Haines, Matthew Mayer and Rob Costlow. Along the way, David's "Whisperings" album has been a staple of my playlists.
With "Open Sky," I have a new favorite album. In listening through countless artists I've found recommended by listeners like my on iTunes, an all-too familiar pattern occurs: I'll find two or three pieces off an album and add those to my collection, but either discard or ignore the rest.
But when "Open Sky" was released I didn't hesitate to purchase the full album - owing to my allegiance to David's talent and knowing it'd be special. But here's what I didn't expect: that through repeated listenings, with the songs set to "shuffle," when each song began, I'd say to myself - "Yes, this is that song I really love" - over and over again, with each track. I haven't listened to anything else in the few days since I purchased it, and I think it'll be a long while before I play something else.
Well done, David. And thanks for adding "Scarborough Fair" and "Morning Has Broken" - your arrangement of two of my favorites gives them amazing new life.
This is a worthy addition to your own collection of favorite piano music.

Skyjourner ,

Life and peace

This is truly a great album, full of life and a restful sojourn for the soul. David's songs on Open Sky sweep me away to open spaces and then gently land me for a walk by peaceful waters; a ministry that restores my soul led by the hand of a gentle God.

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