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13 Ratings

ThatLeone ,

A Milestone of an Album

When this album was released, Valerie Carter was being hailed as the next new white soulful bluesy girl singer ala Bonnie Raitt. But those comparisons did nothing to stop this album from being an instant critic's favorite when it was released. And it is a true shining star! Think Bonnie Raitt, Dusty Springfield, Teena Marie, Rickie Lee Jones...all rolled into one. And then you will the idea.

With a who's who of the 1970's singer songwriter movement on board...along with Lowell George and Little Feat and believe it or not...Earth Wind and Fire, this album is a stunning example of an amazing voice matched with equally amazing material. The whole album sounds well crafted and well thought out....this is not an album with some highs and some lows...everything here in on solid turf.

Opening with "Ooh Child," Carter comes out of the gate sounding confident, happy and very self assured. The closing chorus, Carter is positively jubliant! 'Ringing Doorbells in the Rain" is a pop gem and Carter slithers around it like a snake getting ready to attack. "Heartache"....what can I say...just listen to Carter's gorgeous harmony with Linda Ronstadt. I love cranking this cut way up because it is definitely true pure singing at its finest. 'Face of Appalachia" could be easily classified as a well written country song but it is much more than that. Carter infuses a bluesy note to it, almost sounding like Bonnie Raitt and the arrangement is a little too experimental for straight country listeners, giving the song a nice edge. "So, So Happy" and "City Lights", the two Earth Wind and Fire produced cuts...Carter becomes a sassy, funky soul kitten. I bet Bonnie Raitt would have loved to get her hands on Barbara Keith's "A Stone's Throw Away" and "Cowboy Angel" but Carter recorded them first therefore claimed them and made them her own.

The smokey, jazzy "Back to Blue Some More" meanders and you can almost taste the cigarettes and smell the beer!!! And you can almost hear a touch of Rickie Lee Jones in Carter's voice.

Now...the only thing some people might quibble about is that there are two many musical styles on one album. Is she a blues singer? A funk soul sister? A pop/rock princess....or a jazz diva? She's all that and more. But somehow it all comes blissfully together and works. This is a MASTERFULLY produced and executed album. And, weirdly, none of it sounds dated today. Get this and sit back and enjoy someone that really loves to sing.

'The Original'Jonitron ,


You know what? I LOVE this album. Such a great collection of music, songwiting, AND musicians. An all-star cast if there ever was one. And whereas many albums with this many flavors never quite seem to hold together, "A Stone's Throw..." shows how it's done. And Yes, "Face of..." is crazy good. Valerie Carter's voice holds all these songs firmly together and the band is tight..."Back To Blue Some More".....mmmmm, especially the jazz fade.

telemod ,

this album is an LA classic!

This is a great record. Lowell George,Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne! This is an LA classic!
Valerie now sings back up with James Taylor. This album is great to see and hear. Thanks ITunes!

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