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833 Ratings

DSM112 ,

'Jordin Sparks' mixes positivity with pop

What kind of album do you get when you give a 17-year-old powerhouse singer an assortment of catchy hooks and well-written lyrics? American Idol-winner Jordin Sparks’ self-titled effort, that’s what. Since wetting fans’ appetites with the Stargate-produced “Tattoo” in August, Sparks is looking to inch her way into the pop music scene with her debut.

Although not every track on ‘Jordin Sparks’ is worthy of the teen sensation’s vocals, the vast majority are. Obviously, lead single “Tattoo” is a standout thanks to its masterful production, but where Sparks truly shines is the ballad “Permanent Monday.” She uses her signature emotional vibrato and power notes on this Christina Aguilera-esque lovesick track. “Monday” could easily dominate the Adult Contemporary circuit if given the chance.

Where Sparks has the hottest potential hit on her hands is her duet with Chris Brown, “No Air.” The production on “Air” is comparable to anything Timbaland could whip up, and the bridge is one of the busiest, most beautiful “disasters” ever heard because the two teens’ vocals harmonize perfectly despite the complexity.

Another gem on ‘Sparks’ is “Freeze,” as its instrumentation bears a striking resemblance to Nelly Furtado’s “Say It Right.” Sparks offers an interesting scenario on “God Loves Ugly,” as she takes a stand against discrimination against people not seen as “ideal-looking.” The lyrics on “Ugly” are the best on the entire album, and really strikes a chord no matter what the listener thinks of their body type.

The album also provides a variety of Top 40-ready, catchy mid- to up-tempo tracks like “Now You Tell Me,” “One Step At a Time,” and “Just For the Record,” which are all harmless and age-appropriate for Sparks. “Next to You” is comparable to something an early Mariah Carey would record, and showcases Sparks’ lower register better than any other track on the album.

Sparks’ ‘Idol’ coronation song “This Is My Now” makes an appearance as a bonus track, which together with the sleep-inducing, tedious “See My Side” create a few speed bumps on the album.

But the two tracks that have no business being included on ‘Sparks’ are juvenile “Shy Boy” and juvenile-er “Young and In Love.” Sparks’ voice is rendered unrecognizable thanks to the overused synthesizers and the loud, obnoxious 80s’ beats drag the tracks to the lowest of lows. To say these songs deserved to be on label-mate Britney Spears’ latest album ‘Blackout’ would be considered a low blow.

Thankfully these disappointments are countered by Sparks’ superb performances on the majority of the album, which set the foundation for her still very young career.

Grodz21 ,

Jordin Spark's Debut...Big????

Honestly, I thought Jordin was going to be just like Taylor Hicks. But after hearing this...I am shocked and SO proud of Jordin. I never would have thought she had it in her!

Tattoo- I thought it was a safe song to release...but I know Jordin had more in her 9/10

One Step At a Time- Such a great slow song. 10/10

No Air- Honestly. Did ANYONE expect this?!!!! Chris and Jordin together is the best of both worlds. Great song! 10/10

Freeze- Slow and peacefull...but the chorus is a bit weird, but ok. Good song overall. 8/10

Shy Boy- One of Jordin's few fast paced songs. It's also a very week song. It's okay, but it's not top 10 material...probably top 40. 7/10

Now You Tell Me- Kinda familliar to Freeze and No Air...not much though. But it's still a decent song. 8/10

Next to You- I LOVE this!! Such a great love song. Top 10 for sure! 10/10

Just for the Record- Anyone else sence the early Mariah Carey in her??? Good song! 9/10

Permanent Monday- Decent. But not spatacular (sp?). 8/10

Young and In Love- Such a catchy song. Really Great! 10/10

See My Side- Hmm... sounds like a childrens lullaby (sp?) but it's so calming...See (see) my (my) Side. 9/10

God Loves Ugly- haha, love the title. 8/10

This is My Now- Cheezy but good. Ha, Miss. American Idol's debut single is catchy but not powerful. 8/10

♥iLuvMusic♥ ,


After Jordins lengendary appearence on American Idol, and her victory in the end at the age of 17, she delivers her debut self titled album. I wasn't expecting much, because american idols now a days aren't so great. . But Jordin brings her American Idol game to a new level with this cd. She proves her self great with this great mix of Rihanna and Beyonce flavors, with her own new style as well. Some claimed tattoo as the new irreplaceable. Both incredible, and I expect Jordin to go far in the industry, and eventually will erase her idol image. She was destined to be a BIG star. This cd is worth every penny. Don't just judge it poorly because she is an American Idol.

ps You WILL be seeing this girl around for a LONG time.

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