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26 Ratings

KevSmit ,

The Poets Have Fallen

I have been a total fan since I heard "The Poet and the Muse" while playing Alan Wake video game. I have purchased everything they've done just on faith alone because I'm a fan. Skipping over the rest of my history with this band, I'll get to my point. Imo, Temple of Thought is such an amazing record in all aspects from the songwriting to production to song arrangement, I believe POTF had set the bar to high with that recording.

That being said, the follow-ups (Jealous Gods) and Clearview are not the same. The are generic attempts at putting out songs that are perfect fo POTF fans, but not in a good way. These last 2 recordings follow the typical Poets template. A zippy, energetic anthemy opener, a heartfelt balladish tune that may be groomed for radio airplay(optimistically ), then a number of mediocre tunes that come "this close" to being good. Nothing that grabs me by the groin, unfortunately.

I think the problem is that the songs are overproduced, over compressed, over radio-processed. I don't doubt the lad's heart and commitment to this band, but I'm sorry- the last 2 records do not contain the level of everything musical that I've come to expect from the band. They are losing my interest. The ride was great while it lasted. Thanks POTF

Thegaup ,


New album is Great!! Once Upon a Playground Rainy is a great song!!!!

xXHeavyFeatherXx ,

POTF for life !

I absolutely love their new album !

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