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63 Ratings

Norsewarrior woman ,

The Buffy Episode that made TV history!

Literally true...."Once More with Feeling" episode has made it to the top 100 TV's famous episodes. Many television series have tried to make a 'musical episode' but they all become just plain silly. This one made it through! The director and writer Joss Whedon worked on this episode for 6 months!
Some songs did sound like a typical Broadway musical and others sounded like "A could have been a Hit single on a radio." I give major applause to my favorite character James Marsters (Spike) for his Rock song "Rest In Peace", Amber Benson (Tara) for her beautiful ballad "Under Your Spell, and Anthony Stewart Head (Giles) for his classic rock song "Standing". They were the best singers of the whole cast and had the best songs. If you heard these songs on the radio....you never would have guessed it was from a television musical.
I even give kudos to all the actors for using their own natural voice and not someone else doing their part. Even the lyrics of the songs were clever and well thought of. I recommend not only getting the album, but also the episode as well. The episode itself is longer than the usual time frame of the regular buffy episodes. Even though the first time they've shown this episode...they've shown everything. On repeats they've cut the scenes and made the songs shorter. So buy the episode to see the whole thing and get the album so you can listen to these songs over and over! This is a Buffy fan must!

Awesome suite 🌚 ,

Spike 😍😍😍😍😘

I love a couple of these songs and the Episode was amazing!! Rest in peace! I have a theory! Sanding! Walk threw the fire! Love these songs!!! I down loaded all of them😋😜😍

JohnM-NYC ,


The episode where we learned Tara and Anya have amazing voices and Dawn is a dancer! My favorite episode, and I love the soundtrack.

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