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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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365 Ratings

365 Ratings

Alexander Menor ,

Pretty Ricky proves that "Less Is More"

Hoping to build upon the momentum established by their smash debut, the boys of Pretty Ricky return with their aptly-titled sophomore album, Late Night Special. Similar to its predecessor, Late Night Special is an erotic blend of sexually-fueled lyrics and seductive hooks laced upon hypnotic production. However, unlike their debut (which turned off many due to its extremely vulgar language and overtly sensual sound), Late Night Special manages to please its listeners with a lighter and seemingly more playful sound.
This lighter sound is immediatley evident in the album's lead single, "On the Hotline". Despite its highly sensual lyrics (the song is an ode to phone sex and repeatedly features moans of "So Horny"), the record sounds very much like a comical flirt due to its bouncy, synth-heavy beat and whimsical references such as "take them granny panties off put a thong on."
Other records that embody this softer vibe are the melodic "Leave It Up To You", the bedroom lullaby "Up And Down", and the flirtacious "Peer Pressure". The trance-inducing, sexual purring of "Up And Down" does a good job of not crossing the line of being overly explicit, opting to have its lyrics imply rather than describe, resulting in a record that can maintain a certain amount of innocence while still satisfying sexual desires. Meanwhile, "Leave It Up To You" and "Peer Pressure" are sure to be instant faves amongst their primarily youthful fanbase. While sexual connotations are still evident in their lyrics, there is a certain playful innocence to it. Lyrical wordplay such as "Let me do you after school like some homework" and "You a P.Y.T./ Pretty Young Thang/ And I'm ain't tryna say a wrong thang/ Most boyz only want one thang/ So let me ask you something/ Can I put a little peer pressure on you?" will immediately have their young fans swooning to them.
However, Pretty Ricky is at its softest on the album's closing track, the sweet "Make It Like It Was". Lead vocalist Pleasure blesses this slow jam with a heartfelt hook as he sings, "That's how people fall in love/ First kiss/ First time/ Can we make it like it was/ We were/ In Love/ Can we make it like it was/ See the love I have, that i have for you/ I can't explain it for you girl/ Because I've been around the world/ And I met a lot of other girls/ But they're nothin' like you/ No No No No...." Probably the cleanest record that they've ever written, Pretty Ricky offers us a beautiful, swooning ballad without the signature sexual lyrics that we have become so accustomed to hearing from them.
While Late Night Special is more of a R&B album than a hip-hop one, Pretty Ricky reminds us that they can still get down on the groovy "Push It". With a hook that claims, "Push it baby/ Oh just push that thang on me," Pretty Ricky easily proves that it still has that uptempo swagger. Nevertheless, this album as a whole is all about the lighter, R&B sound showcased throughout the majority of the album. While the album doesn't showcase anything truly different from their debut, the lighter sound in itself is a satisfying treat for their listeners. By slightly toning down the sexuality of their lyrics, they manage to create a record that can be embraced by many while still maintaining the flair of their sexy, signature style. In the case of Pretty Ricky, the old saying of "Less is more" ends up being true.

AK of NJ ,


This is a great album. I don't know why they're songs/albums are listed under "Hip-Hop/Rap" when they in true are "R&B/Soul" artists. But the album's great.
1. On the Hotline
2. Push it Baby
3. Make it Like it Was
4. Late Night Special
5. Personal Trainer

Check out their last album, "Bluestars" with my favorite songs from it being:
1. Grind Wit' Me
2. Your Body
3. Chevy

Shadyyyy, We're back!

Shad Moss ,

I Lovr It!!!!!!!

I Love Pretty Ricky's New CD. They need to keep doin' they thing. If you ain't got the CD you should go get it A.S.A.P.

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