36 Songs, 1 Hour 33 Minutes


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4.6 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

MushroomMoon ,


Watching Kristin Chenoweth perform is sheer pleasure. The delight that she takes in each show, the joy that she feels when she appears before that night's audience, is evident in every song - even in the recording. Listening to the CD can't compare to going to Broadway, but little else can compare to even the CD. That should tell you what a marvel her songs are. To anyone who wants to listen to an artist in full command of both her own voice and her listeners, I highly recommend this.

albinogorillas ,


Can't wait! I've seen clips from the show on YouTube and... Wow. Just wow.


Some are good, some are bad

The songs in this show that don’t have Kristin Chenoweth singing are very easy to listen to. The amazing chorus of talented ensemble members remind us how brilliant classic theatre composers can be. However, when I listen to a song by Chenoweth, I want to cover my ears. Her shrill, obnoxious soprano makes me question how she got this role. If you want to enjoy the album, don’t buy all its songs, just the ones that don’t have Chenoweth singing.

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