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3.9 out of 5
395 Ratings

395 Ratings

DanDubs ,

OMENS is a great album!

I've already listened to this album from start to finish, and I must say, I really enjoy it. Most of the songs have fun, and catchy hooks, that pull you in on the first listen. They're style, over all, seems to have matures quite a bit. They are changing, and some people seem to have trouble accepting that, but if everything they made was the same, wouldn't it get boring? There are plenty of songs for the fans of WANT, plenty of songs for fans of Streets of Gold, and plenty of songs for new fans. I believe this album is a solid update, and I'm very glad I purchased it.

Hoseok's My Boy ,

What Happened?

They went pop. They lost their techno that I loved. They've gone pop. It's sad.

Nisha118 ,

My Personal Feelings on 3oh!3

These guys are the picture of Pop music right now. The sad part is that no one is paying attention to them. I have loved these guys since "Don't Trust Me" and even then they were great. Whoever is their publicist needs to be fired. It is a shame that I haven't seen this album everywhere. All of their music on here is spectacular and I personally believe we should branch out from the Pinks and Justin Timberlakes and Brittneys for a second and listen to some new people. I guarantee people would love as much as I do. But, then again, I'm just ranting to no one. Buy this album, it's really worth the $12 bucks.

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