Even before they gained internet fame with hilarious, well-choreographed videos made on the cheap, Chicago’s OK Go offered clever, straight-ahead Cars and Cheap Trick style power pop on this self-titled debut album. Outsized choruses and Damian Kulash’s cute vocals divert the ear from an unloved boyfriend’s helpless confession (“You’re So Damn Hot”) and the two-part tale of a trapped, sort-of-loving couple (“1000 Miles Per Hour,” “The Fix is In”). “Fix” also points toward a quieter but just as assured style that’s explored in “Shortly Before the End” and “There’s a Fire,” a twist on the boy-who-cried-wolf tale for a passive-aggressive age. And “C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips” merges the album’s silliest sounding moments and a worry that the ecstatic moments it describes are already nearing an end. OK Go has demonstrated its appeal to the younger end of the adolescent scale, but these songs have plenty to offer grown-ups, too.

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