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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.6 out of 5
33 Ratings

33 Ratings

Ghost Soldier ,

A Stellar Debut

I must say, I bought this album on a whim and without thinking. I had been exchanging messages to and from Mellowdrone via Myspace, and I felt they were a group of pretty cool guys. Then they messaged me, telling me their album had just been released on iTunes. I had some money in the ole iTunes bank, so I just downloaded it immediately, without really thinking whether I would like it or not.

And boy, I sure was happy with what I got. Mellowdrone's "Box" is every Alt. Rock fan's dream. It's a very dark album, with loads of electronic and techno influence which flow in and out of every song. But, where most bands fail with electronic tricks, Mellowdrone just seems to sail and soar to new heights.

After listening to the *awesome* instrumental album opener, and giving my ears 3 and a half minutes of bliss with their first single, "Oh My", I figured this would be a somewhat fast-paced, while dark, album. As it turns out, I was somewhat wrong.

Yes, Mellowdrone does indeed know how to rock, but this album's heart and soul is the range of slow, airy, atmospheric, dark songs which carry the album along at an awesomely slow, yet in no way relaxed pace.

As a band, Mellowdrone is very talented. The guitars are varied and not over-powering, but still a presence. The drums, (most of which sound made with an electronic set or drum machine) fit the style perfectly. And the singer has a sexy voice which can become extremely high and yelping, but in the same song, (same measure, even), his voice can go very low. The song "Madison" is a great example of this. He has great range, and he has a distinct, unique, and at the same time, talented voice.

The lyrics are, as you guessed, dark, somewhat despondent ("Fashionably Uninvited"), sometimes angry ("And Repeat"), and always very vivid and heartfelt.

As a whole, the album comes together perfectly. They are dark and absorbing like "She Wants Revenge", but can sound a bit like "The Bravery" at times.

If you're looking for a good, somewhat dark / electronic, electrifying debut album from a talented young band, look no further than Mellowdrone's "Box". This is hardly an album you'll see plastered all over billboards, but if you have an appreciation for Alternative music, they're talent will astound you.

SamChanFin ,

One Word: Excellent

I went and saw Mellowdrone by mistake. I was at a She Wants Revenge concert, and Mellowdrone came up, and instead of going out to get a drink, I stayed and enjoyed this band. I bought their cd, and I even got the band to sign it! But this cd is a must have, but if u dont feel like spending $9.99, just buy Beautiful Day, and Bone Marrow. They are the 2 best songs.

tayo33 ,

Amazing songs, Amazing 'unfound' group

mellowdrone was one of the first bands that I've ever followed from when they had their music on their website to download for free, to now finally compiling an album with all these songs being created along the way. inspiring music, excellent vocals, witty, clever, the whole bit. doesn't come across to me as being a cohesive album, but every song is good in their own rite. their tracks have actually been in a lot of console and video games i've noticed. if you like calla, or possibly even the rasmus, you would like this group.

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