5 Songs, 19 Minutes


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4.0 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

James L K ,

A good return

I’m glad to hear Kanon coming out with original songs again that she performs herself. For a 5 track EP there is a good deal of variety in stylings and all of them are above average with nice melodies. I don’t understand the folks who insist she stick with the goth lolita style from when she was a Mana ingenue. That said, I do miss the tracks with lots of her excellent cello work and more classical mood.

blubsupreme ,

Sultry, Dark, Pop

I like all the songs in this album except for maybe altar. But I don’t know the lyrics of the song so it might actually be very masterfully written.

You guys might opt to consider that not only is Kanon Wakeshima a great cellist with a unique singing voice, she also is a great lyricist, excluding verses that are in English if any one actually looked up the meanings for some of her former masterpieces like Odette and Unbalance By Me they find that she is often portraying excellently some crucial emotional and artistic complexes.

I have yet to translate her new album and I don’t speak Japanese however please keep in mind that the lyrics to her songs are generally very considerate, emotionally honest, powerfully written.

She’s touched so many styles fairly well throughout her career and would be thrilled to see her come out with more especially at her leisure now that she’s an independent artist.

Hearing a darkwave/trap song from her was very cool, asteroid is one of my new faves.

Bob Foss ,

Not The Old Kanon

One of Kanon's unique qualities among J-Pop artists was her striking and pleasing strings which were the highlight of her music. This album is a poor testament to her early work. Strings are virtually gone and her voice does not go well with the remaining music. Stick to your original sound, Kanon.