13 Songs, 1 Hour 14 Minutes


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5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

Jon C. Munson II ,

A Fantastic Album

I personally feel this album is a masterpiece. The combination of so many different musical styles make this compilation an audio treat from start-to-finish. I listen to the album nearly every day and haven't gotten tired of it yet!

Laura's "golden flute" voice (she as a very warm tone with a bright edge) will delight your ears, and her lyrics will sing to your soul. The music itself is a treat - incorporating many styles into each song. There is enough variation to keep you going back to find what else you can hear, and, like any great masterpiece, will keep you coming back for more.

Truly, the only bad thing about this album is that it ends, leaving the listener with the hope Laura will produce another album in the near future.

Rich Linko ,

Laura Casale-"Now Is Where You Are"

I recently purchase LAURA CASALE's new prog rock release "Now Is Where You Are" and am I glad I did! This conceptual album will transport you on an uplifting spiritual journey and back again. The opening track "New Millennium" about spiritual rebirth gets the journey off to a powerful start and it continues through to the final song "Peace Be Still" which envelops you in spiritual bliss. The album's success is attributed to Laura Casale's keyboard wizardry which carries her beautiful lyrics to the listener via her melodic and sometimes edgy vocals. A stand out is the title track "Now Is Where You Are" which is brilliantly structured to succeed in any arena venue. Although many of the songs like "Big Sky" and "The Real You" cover serious topics, Laura also shines brightly on the romantic ballad "Love" & the fun and jazzy tune "Smilin". The album's song mix of prog rocker's, symphonic sounds and the solo piano tunes is very reminiscent of Keith Emerson & Greg Lake's combined work with the timeless band ELP. The album's storyline and musical journey culminates on Laura Casale's fantastic epic transformation song "Metamorphosis" accentuated by her dreamlike vocals.

The album in it's entirety tells a story of life's trial & tribulations but more importantly a celebration of triumph and love. Each song is like a chapter in the book of life which any listener can relate to. This is a must have for any serious lover of prog rock. Do yourself a favor and download Laura Casale's debut album "Now Is Where You Are" today at ITunes. You will be glad you did!!!!!!

Gary Hendrickson ,

Gary Hendrickson

What a breath of positive fresh air in a troubled world! Now is Where You Are by Laura Casale is a colorful musical soundscape that is brimming with confidence and optimism. The love and joy is displayed on each track, and each is crafted with consummate care. Thank you Laura for this wonderful beacon shining through the mists of daily life. Bravo!