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buble-b'way-batman-bratz-babe ,

An Alternate Route to the Song!

Last night I was watching the NCIS show on network TV that has to do with Christmas. At the end of the show, when the team had successfully saved a group of children from an unknown illness spread by a sick and twisted criminal, they get on the elevator to go home for Christmas. Gibbs opens a Christmas gift (and smiles!). The director extends his heart for forgiveness to honor his wife. And while these things are happening, THIS SONG was playing in the background. When I heard the words, it brought tears to my eyes. I grabbed my computer and began looking for the song. I was SO DELIGHTED to find out it had been written for Newtown! My cousin's 5 year old Jesse was a victim as well as Charlotte. I am so thankful to the writers of this song, and to whomever decided to use it on NCIS! Otherwise I would have never heard it! Thanks for spreading the love! We are one!

Newtown Kindness ,

Amazing Song

Thank you so much for writing and recording this song! The lyrics are powerful and inspirational. We can only hope that everyone that listens to this tune will take it upon themselves to be gentler, to be kinder, and to well up with generosity of spirit. You have made an indelible mark on this world with this song. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your work with us. With gratitude, peace and kindness always, from all of us at Newtown Kindness!

Spaghetti Cake ,

A moment of musical perfection by one of rock's greatest unknown gems

The Alternate Routes have always been one of my favorites bands, having toured the country many times but still being "local boys" from Connecticut. Newtown hit us all pretty hard, and this song is such a wonderful gift to the survivors, the kids and families who live there and go to school there, and really to us all. Don't hang on to anger, let it go. Love and shine the way we were meant to, don't let the darkness consume you. Thank you Tim and Eric for writing such a beautiful song with such a simple, powerful message that kids and adults can equally relate to.

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