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4.7 out of 5
248 Ratings

248 Ratings

Kendra Olivia ,

Amerie's Last Best Effort

After purchasing this album led by the sweet summery release of "Why Don't We Fall in Love" I deemed myself an Amerie fan. She brought romance, soul, and beauty back into the sounds of R&B. For a moment, radio's had a chance to relive the time when there was actually love in love songs. The album portrayed an innocent yet very adult and sophisticated love. One not soiled by meaningless lyrics of sex, lust, and physical appeal which has become the subject of much of our music today. All I have was a beautiful Album one could listen to from beginning to end. "Can't Let Go" is one of my favorite songs. The spanish guitar, edgy bass, and the elegance of the strings couple with Amerie's raw and emotional vocals makes for the perfect grove and allows the listener to feel the emotions of singer. "I Just Died" driven by hard percussion is another favorite of mine as well. Unfortunately, we will never receive another album like this from Amerie. She has given in to the trend of overt sexuality and lyrics that explore the mere physical realm of adult relationships.

All I Have was a melodic album true to the subtle, pure, soulful, and intoxicating sounds of r&b. A great album to cruise to, do homework, laudry, or relax and become lost in the sounds. Never again will she release something so pure. Dang this was my joint!

TheMeanBlackGirl ,


OMG!!! listen ppl if u dont believe that this album is the truth....then u r a liar @ heart!!!! amerie is slept on so hard by the industry....but she truely is amazing!!! Ppl instead of buying cassie's album or some other wack artist that wont matter in 6 months buy this one. I promise it is a hidden gem of the r&b world....and her album touch(yea i know the single touch was wack) delivered on every level....it was a continuation of this album. Most importantly it was heart felt. Damn her albums make u wanna fall in love, break up, then get back together again.

4rmthaCA ,

amazing album

most slept on album.harmonies, production, vocals...eveything was on point. buy the album.

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