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10 Ratings

Amedeo29 ,


I'm not a huge APOP fan, I have downloaded a handful of tracks, my favorite being "Lost in Translation", but I am always open to covers, especially when I like the original artists.

I am not a big Metallica fan, but I did own their black album in high school, and "Nothing Else Matters" was a favorite of mine. This cover is weak in comparison, and on its own it's okay. The cover of U2's "Who's gonna ride your wild horses" is as good as the original in my opinion. Its a favorite song of mine. I am not familiar with the next two tracks on this album, but the song Coma White is clearly the best track on this album.

The final track is a cover of the OMD song "Electricity". It sounds exactly like the original. Which is good I guess, since the original rocked. Its a little faster. Overall, if you like these songs, you might want to look into the original versions. They're good.

CreativeGenius68 ,

Something to appease the die-hard fans

When I saw the new music alert in my e-mail box for this album I immediately went to the iTunes store to check it out. I was immediately disappointed. I have APOP's "7" and the recently released "You and Me Against the World" and enjoy them both. There were a lot of negative reviews left for Y&MATW, but being a huge fan of Depeche Mode, Camouflage, Alphaville, The Cure, etc., I really enjoyed the album. "Nothing Else Matters" is obviously an attempt by APOP to appease the "outraged" fans who didn't like the change in direction and sound of the last album. And that's cool...everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just thought that people who enjoyed Y&MATW should know that this album is not the same sound and to give it a quick listen before buying it. Thanks for listening!

scratchyournose ,

don't waste your money.

I'm a hardcore Apoptygma Berzerk fan and I wish I had not paid to download this. Actually, I wish I had not downloaded this at all.

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