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4.4 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

Benyta ,

Holy balls.

Wow. $9.99 for this? I still recall being given detention in school for wearing a napalm death shirt. Musta been 20 some years ago. Awesome collection especially for the price.

R. Bubb ,

Great Deal, Great Band

A double-disc 'greatest hits' of a legendary, highly influental band like Napalm Death for a paltry $9.99, get it because it doesn't get any better than this and if there ever was a band of integrity, uncomprising comitment to social issues and intense, cutting-edge grindcore it's these guys. 'Noise For Music Sake' is a great place for beginners to get an overview and a convenient space-saver for longtime fans who don't want to carry all of Napalm's many, many albums.
As a worthy companion to this set, pick up the live, 'Punishment in Capitals'. For a live disc of a band like this it sounds great.

Windjammer70 ,

Awesome Collection for any Napalm Death Diehard!

This is exactly the collection I have been looking for and it is ESSENTIAL for any diehard fan. The first disc is more of a "Greatest-Hits" type thing if you want to call it that. The best songs on the first disc include: Scum, You Suffer, Hung, Unchallenged Hate, Siege of Power, Suffer the Children, Lucid Fairytale, If the Truth Be Known, Plague Rages, and Contemptuous. I like the second disc the most because it has a lot of rarities, like The Awesome "Mentally Murdered" EP (Tracks 28-33). It also has "Pride Assassin" a great song. At the end it has some great rarities like the Dorrian/Steer/Harris/Embury line-up re-recordings like "Scum" and "Life." The last three tracks are from the earliest days of the band, the Bullen/Broadrick/Harris original "Deceiver."

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