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wondergirl9847 ,

Strong debut album from fantastic singer-songwriter

Dalton Rapattoni may only be 21, but he's got a long history of making music. He had his own band and was also part of a boy band in his teens. Now, as a solo artist, he's developed into an amazing singer-songwriter and his debut, Nobody's Home, is chock full of hits. You may have seen Dalton on American Idol, where he showed a rock vibe, but this album is pure alt pop. With help from songwriters Justin Furstenfeld and Matt Noveskey from Blue October and terrific mixing from Travis Kennedy, this album is a dream to listen to.

Signs - Beginning this journey, this perfect radio pop song opens the album strong. Dalton wrote this song with his fellow boy band member from IM5, Will Jay (another amazing singer-songwriter you should all look into). "we're still picture perfect, inside a shattered frame". His sincere vocals soar and he pushes us towards...

Heaven - "but your leaving made me learn how to pray, every night I wasn't next to you shook my faith..." A ballad dripping with longing and you can hear the fire in Dalton's vocals.

Back from the Moon - Intimate song that brings about so many emotions, starting off slow and building during the chorus. "I hope you found yourself while you were gone, I hope you don't forget where you belong" There is a wonderful drum chug that follows through the song. Dalton lays all his emotions out there on this album and this song is a perfect example.

The Way You Do - "I know and you know, I'll sing about you till my face turns blue...I know and you know, that nobody looks at me the way you do..." Emotional and full of beautiful acoustic guitar. It seems like a good song to sing around the campfire on a cool night.

Somewhere in America - Dalton opens this song so fragile vocally and then when he hits the chorus, your heart just soars. The song deals with Dalton's experience of being on American Idol and wanting to gain the attention of a girl. "Somewhere in America, on a TV screen, I wonder if your lips shared the same pixels as me..."

Turn to Stone - A song written with his BFF, Will Jay, this song will rip your heart out. It's something all of us will eventually deal with...the pain of losing someone to death. "I'm your guardian, but you're my angel now..." Dalton's vocals were always questioned on American Idol, but listening to his passion and delivery on songs like Turn to Stone, will pierce right through you and make you feel every single word.

Being Young - The tick-tock opening works perfectly for this song about wanting to grow up. "Peter, take me home, lock up my window, won't you let me grow up, it's getting old being young.." PERFECT car radio song...so roll down the windows, and just....drive.

Growing Older - Written with Justin Furstenfeld, and with influences from The 1975, this song is a great companion to the previous song, as Dalton contemplates actually growing up and the changes involved. "we used to stay out after midnight, running away forgetting it all, it was cool for a moment, the moment's over, thats just the price of growing older"

Trust Nobody - A song that Dalton wrote many years ago, has been updated with new sounds and lyrics. With a club vibe, it's a very dark song, if you read the lyrics. "I tell you to trust nobody, I tell you to keep you safe, you don't need to be alone"

Stay Up (With Me) - The last two songs are the sexiest. "I can break down your walls, I can dig deep in to you, and I don't care how wide or tall, you don't know what I can do"

Would You Like That - Piano and aching vocals, this is a POWERFUL ending to this phenomenal album. At first glance, it's a romantic ballad, but the lyrics are dark overall. "If your precious heart gave out, I'd be there and willing to give mine up, 'cuz I live with not one doubt, you are why it's beating, you can't tell me that's not love"

There are acoustic version included also for: Signs, Heaven, The Way You Do and Somewhere in America, the most impressive where it becomes more intimate than the album version.

Bradlyl04 ,

Incredible debut album

(Edited; Sorry Will!)
Texas native & American Idol finalist, Dalton Rapattoni, may just be the most talented young lyricist around. His debut solo album is filled with songs that reach down into the soul, grabs it, and doesn't let go. Dalton takes us on an emotional personal journey, as he yearns for a lost love, begs for her forgiveness, contemplates youth and growing older, and celebrates the ultimate renewal of a relationship after years of hard work and growth. His lyrics are searingly emotional and raw, and the passion with which he sings them is truly the sign of a soul being laid bare.
Dalton collaborated with some incredible songwriters to bring this album to fruition, including Justin Furstenfeld and Matt Noveskey of the band Blue October, and Will Jay Behlendorf, a long time friend and co-writer of several songs on the release.
Dalton's debut solo album is filled to the brim with 15 gorgeous songs, and each one is pure perfection. Give it a listen, and let him capture your heart.

Jude0522 ,


Dalton Rapattoni is going to be a huge star...he already is in my world. This album is lyrically genius. Dalton writes from the heart and sings like an angel. Would You Like That is my favorite. The acoustic tracks are beautiful: Dalton with a piano...heaven. I highly recommend this album. Go see Dalton on tour, you won’t be disappointed. Proud to be a Nobody. 💓

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