Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere

Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere

This San Franciscan punk trio shows how easy it is to make a decent second album if you don’t complicate matters. Terry Malts don’t try to camouflage their influences, simply letting listeners notice their nods to The Ramones and Wire. It’s the cost of doing business punk-style, and Terry Malts turn up the fuzz on the guitars, let the drums pound without sweetening, and venture from melodic pop tunes (like “Buy Buy Baby” and “No Tomorrow”) to something more static (like “I Was Not There”) without owing anyone anything. The 7” single format is best for impact but not for practicality, so the trio accepts that a quick 11-track album is as close to perfect as it's likely to get. Not everyone will notice the shifts in guitar tones, but “Well Adjusted” does alter the attack quite a bit. Punks, however, do notice these little shifts, and this is what keeps the possibilities so alive even in 2013. 

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