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105 Ratings

Wedge1964 ,

Good collection of Genesis

Now, I am a die-hard fan of Gensis, both Gabriel-era and Collins-era. This a very good collection of both times, the hits they had with Phil, and the hits with Gaberiel still on-board. The only problems with this collection is the abcence of more Gaberiel-era songs. Sure they have "The Knife" and "Supper's Ready" but there are many more hits they had with Gaberiel! And the collection needs to be balenced. If I was iTunes, I would release "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" album for download, and then make an iTunes Essentials with all; and I mean ALL the hits with Gaberiel in it including songs from "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway".

PinkFloydManiac1973 ,

Good for New Listeners - But Not All the Best Stuff

I'm a huge fan of progressive rock in general, especially Genesis (my third favorite band). I own most of their albums and have heard pretty much everything they have made. That being said, I'm going to like a lot of songs that you wouldn't typically find on a compilation album, a few CD's of their "best songs". The reason for this is that most compilation albums gear themselves towards what songs were the most popular, not necessarily what were the best songs. This compilation album is good at introducing a person who has never listened to Genesis before to their music, but it suffers from the aforementioned problem. I would like to outline, album by album, what songs work, what songs should have been on there, and what should have not been on here.

1. "Trespass"
"The Knife" is the only track from this album on here, and an important song it is. The only addition I would make would either be "Looking for Someone" or "White Mountain", the other two stand-out tracks from the 1970 LP.
2. "Nursery Cryme"
Whoever compiled this compilation did right by including "The Musical Box", but left off the other two important songs from this record, "Return of the Giant Hogweed" and "The Fountain of Salmacis". The addition of either would be an improvement.
3. "Foxtrot"
"Supper's Ready", a 23-minute epic, may seem like more than enough from one album, but the man did wrong by not including "Watcher of the Skies", an important and popular song from the Gabriel years. "Get 'Em Out By Friday" is also fantastic, but that is less important for inclusion than "Watcher..."
4. "Selling England By the Pound"
Great picks from this album. The only addition to improve the set might be "Dancing With the Moonlit Knight".
5. "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"
After having listened to this album a few years after having heard the selections on "The Platinum Collection", I was amazed at how much they left out. The songs on here are some of the best, but there are a few more songs that MUST be added to make the third CD complete: "In the Cage", "The Colony of Slipperman", "Back in N.Y.C.", "Fly On a Windshield".
6. "A Trick of the Tail"
I have to say that, for this album, I am pretty much satisfied with what was chosen. All three songs are excellent and give you a feel for the first post-Gabriel album. If you wanted one more song I would say "Squonk" would be the best choice. I have a feeling that this and "Dance On a Volcano" were omitted because "Los Endos" is partly a reprise of both songs.
7. "Wind and Wuthering"
Scrap the sappy "Your Own Special Way" and add "One for the Vine".
8. "...And Then There Were Three..."
I'm fine with the selections here, but I might have replaced "Undertow" with "The Lady Lies". Or I would have put both on there.
9. "Duke"
I really have nothing bad to say about these selections either, as they cover this very important and awesome album. The only addition I would make is "Man of Our Times".
10. "Abacab"
Very flawed indeed. Both songs are good choices, but they aren't enough. Add "No Reply at All", "Man On the Corner", and "Dodo/Lurker".
11. "Genesis"
I've never really liked "Illegal Alien", so I might have replaced that with "Taking It All Too Hard" or "Just a Job to Do", but it is a fun song, if not a necessarily a good one. The band even said that it was a joke.
12. "Invisible Touch"
This is where you really see the pop age of Genesis come into play, and some of the songs start to get a little too sappy and love-oriented. For that reason, I would have omitted "Throwing It All Away" and "In Too Deep" and put "Domino" on there instead. The other songs are excellent choices, though I think I would have used the full version of "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" instead of the single edit.
13. "We Can't Dance"
Get rid of "I Can't Dance" and "Hold On My Heart", put in "Fading Lights" or "Driving the Last Spike", and the selections are perfect.
14. "Calling All Stations"
This is the only Genesis album I haven't listened to, and I have not heard good things about it. I do think the title track is a decent song, but since I know nothing about the other tracks, I can't make any recommendations.

You'll always have a situation where people are worried about making the CD's too long. I can understand that, but if you want to give the best representation of a band, you have to take that risk. If you're not sure about Genesis, by all means buy this album to get a feel for them, as it is better than "Turn It On Again: The Hits". But if you like the band and buy the studio albums, be sure to watch for the tracks I mentioned and see what you were missing!

GadisaDJ ,

Embracing this requires a suspension of cynicism. It's worth it.

An excellent collection of the music that industry produced through the peak of records sales across the world. Genesis is more than cheese puff pop. There is a satisfying depth to the earlier recordings from the late 70s to 1986. Make no mistake, the hits are here too and if you want to go, they will bring you back to another time.

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