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4.9 out of 5
72 Ratings

72 Ratings

ragan mcqueen ,

wow…...just wow

When I listened to Conversation Piece the first time, it hit me like a ton of bricks on the spot (in the best way possible). Upon listening to No Place for the first time, I found myself overwhelmed. There are so many things going on with every second of every song that it is just impossible to get it with just one listen. So I listened again and again and again on repeat. Every time I listened, it was almost like hearing the songs for the first time over and over, picking up nuances I hadn't before. This is a beautiful, dark, abstract, artistic, horrifically brilliant and painful album. The guitars go from soaring cleans to downright violent at the drop of a hat. Joe Arrington, on drums, is a legend in the making, and I definitely think the bass has more spotlight on this record than their previous two which is a good good thing. Cory Lockwood and Kurt Travis, however are on a level of their own here, lyrically and vocally. Neither one of them has ever sounded better and more distinguished in their respective roles. This is MY album of 2013 for sure and I think this will be the one to beat for all the other bands in the genre for a long time to come.

Broadcast Quality ,


Honestly this album as a whole took a little bit of time to grow on me. At first there were only a couple of songs that I would actually listen to all the way through, but as I kept listening everyday it gradually got better. Way better than I ever would've thought at first. The music and lyrics on this album (and CP) are crazy good and now I listen to and know all the words to every song on this album everyday.
All of the songs are super good but my favourite tracks are:
Kuroi Ledge
Hand Over Mouth
Shaking Of The Frame
No Nurture

Please if you get a chance try to listen to the album all the way through. At least once and I promise you won't regret it! This band definitely deserves the recognition and I hope they continue to make music as long as they can because they are my main inspiration.

Dragon "Dave" Dragon ,

One of 2013's Best

With No Place, A Lot Like Birds have solidified their position as the new kings of post-hardcore. It combines the best elements of Plan B and Conversation piece, and adds in some new elements to make the record stand out among their discography. The lyrics are particularly impressive, as each song is about a room, or a place, in a house, and the music reflects the mood of the lyrics perfectly. It's dark, chaotic, and often quite beautiful and moving. This might go down as a post-hardcore classic and join the genre's elite albums, including Worship & Tribute, The Satellite Years, Downtown Battle Mountain, Translating the Name, and several others. So yeah, No Place rules really hard.

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