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Kandungan Eksplisit Pengawasan Ibu Bapa Dinasihati Apple Digital Master


Kandungan Eksplisit Pengawasan Ibu Bapa Dinasihati Mastered for iTunes

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111 Penilaian

Shark fisher ,

Radio Metal, not for niche listeners.

Them deleting bad reviews isn’t justifiable by any means. But all these reviews seem to be coming from elitist who are in search for something new. You won’t find anything new or niche here. That doesn’t mean it’s not good. Overall, I like the album. The vocals and instrumental work is pretty good. If you listen to more than just metal this band might be a better fit for you, just because this style metal is meant to reach out more, not pander to one core audience. Which is hard to believe people are blaming them for pandering when they haven’t even existed enough to change their sound and pander to a new audience yet. Jesus Christ, people need to get off there high horses sometimes and just let the market decide who’s good and who’s bad.

SolarMike6 ,

Music is very good but...

The lyrics have a full on political agenda. I’m tired of politics infecting everything. It’s the best time to be alive in human history. The media only reports the negative and are incentivized to do so with click bait headlines because the journalists get low pay based on clicks and ad revenue so the articles get more click baitey and we get more of them. And here we have a band with awesome music but the lyricist is completely oblivious to the actual state of global affairs and spewing statistical nonsense further dividing and politicizing so I can’t recommend this unless you prefer echo chambers.

Check out humanprogress.org or Stephen Pinkers Enlightenment Now to get a sense of how good things actually are before you fill your head with these lyrics. Jesus Slaves? Really? You don’t even have to be a Christian to know that’s pathetic. Sorry, not sorry.

85858837384 ,


Oh sure delete the bad reviews

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