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4.8 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

jrg118 ,

Incredible album.

This is absolutely one of the best albums of the symphonic metal genre. Leaves' Eyes is one of my favorite bands, and this is my favorite from them so far. Every song is done really well. My favorite from the album are probably My Destiny, Take The Devil In Me, and Irish Rain. But really, this entire album is superb.

M3taL-Cr0p-Du$T3R ,

Beautiful, amazing, epic!

This album sounds alot more "epic" than their previous albums. The overall production quality is higher and they almost have a "nightwish" feel to them now. I have always loved this band and this album further proves they can keep things fresh and push their metal to the limits.

Marc Palmer ,

Exceptional sound, uninspired result

I can't deny this album sounds good in a general sense, but the songs, overall, don't seem to hit the same mark with me as "Into Your Light" and other such titles crafted by Leaves' Eyes in the past. Liv Kristine's voice is light, feminine and gloriously silvery. As such, it's very well honed for what it is, but overall, LE's sound as a group is becoming decidedly pale and uninteresting to me. Perhaps this has more to do with the music backing her up than her actual singing. Perhaps the songs on this album simply fail to move me. I do know I keep thinking of Evanescence the more I listen to this group, and while that may in fact be a compliment for some, it's not necessarily a good thing if you wish to retain your own unique sound.

There are occasional bright moments marbled throughout what is ultimately a lackluster assembly of songs, but these vignettes are not enough to save the album, in my opinion. Leaves's Eyes needs to find a wholesome, less mainstream, more compelling (and dare I say "darker" without sounding too gothically overbearing?) spirit. Whatever the flaws may really be with this album are up to individual interpretation, but I can say it lacks that certain je ne sais quoi, overall. My advice? Do not forget thy roots.

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