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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.7 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

ThatProducerKid ,

TUH (Please Read)

I know this review is SO late (suggesting that I found out about this album, as well as you as an artist*, a week after its release), but it's never too late to share my thoughts. When I first heard "SLEEPWALKING," I knew that this isn't your hobby: it's your passion. Kaleb, this (in my opinion), is your album yet. The Halloween influences and the "sneak features" (Aaron Cole, Drew Famous, and Asaiah Ziv) were pretty neat. It reminded of what WHATUPRG did with RAUL (you did it first, though).

My only complaint is that you cussed in "LIGHT." You are my FAVORITE artist, and I REALLY don't want to see you go down the wrong road. I listen to clean music ONLY (the n-word doesn't count), so ... PLEASE! I'm not telling you what to do, but I am begging you to not run with the pack. You are one-of-a-kind, Kaleb!

Even though you said that you aren't a role model (So Help Me God, "Role Model Pt. I" & "Role Model Pt. II (feat. Adrian Stresow)," Tracks 7-8). However, you truly have inspired me in my music. I don't have anything out yet. I'm a high school sophomore, and I'm working on some things right now. I produce beats, write lyrics, create album artwork, and all that jazz. While still doing me, I get some Young Mitchell vibes when making music. I wanna rap (because I have REALLY GOOD verses**), but I'm just waiting for my voice to change to stop croaking and get some singing lessons.

Nonetheless, I appreciate your music and your inspiration. I bop to "KING KONG" every day. It is my favorite song from you. The beat and the lyrics are on point. When I hear some other artists, the beats may be good, but they just don't flow with the lyrics. However, you are always down with the flow. Straight-up Holy water, bruh! It's insane. Anyways, thank you for your hard work and I can't wait to hear your next project! All I ask of you is to please keep your focus on God ... I have faith in you ;). Hopefully we can meet up someday and I can send you some beats...

*Correction: I found out about you via "Nothing New" by Deraj & B. Cooper & "The One With My Friends" by Marty
**Apologies for flexing. /_(ツ)_\

TheKing BoB ,

Fire 🔥

He killed this album. SLEEPWALKING is the best but I like all of them.

Caleb W 360 ,

Been on next level

Man, this man BEEN ahead of the game at this pace. JACK SKELLINGTON & SLEEPWALKING. There ain’t no room to h8 a classic artist like Kaleb Mitchell. Young Fame went in, as well. Tuh

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