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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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3.9 out of 5
392 Ratings

392 Ratings

WalkingIsStillHonest ,

The Crest Of A New Wave

As I've come to expect from Against Me!, their new album New Wave is just that, something new. This release retains very little of the folk roots of the band, and instead is a straight up rock album. One could even look at this as a bit of a cross between As The Eternal Cowboy and Searching For A Former Clarity. Unlike Against Me!'s last release, New Wave is very upbeat and has a much happier and lighter tone. Say what you will about what this band used to be, rock music has never been about trying to do what has already been done.

The record starts off strong with the title track and “Up The Cuts”, followed by the very poppy “Thrash Unreal”. This third track cleverly combines one hell of a catchy, whimsical tune with some gritty lyrics such as “She's going until the house lights come up or her stomach spills onto the floor” and “No mother ever dreams that her daughter's going to grow up to be a junkie.”. We then receive a slight break mid-record with “Borne On The FM Waves”, a duet with Tegan Quin of Tegan And Sara. A few more quick songs follow, the beautifully named “Piss And Vinegar” and “Americans Abroad”. The album then concludes with “Animal” which I feel is the only slightly weak song, and finally “Ocean”, which starts quietly and gradually builds into a powerful end to New Wave.

If you are a fan of Against Me! and not afraid of change, give this record a chance.

Gvillian ,

New Direction, Not a bad turn

I'm sure "true" Against Me! fans will cry about how AM! has changed and how this is a wrong move for them. Yes this album is different, if you want another Reinventing Axl Rose, then go listen to Reinventing Axl Rose. The sound is more "produced" but not too much, and it still has the same gravity and impatience that makes AM! unique. I like Against Me! as my little secret too, but I think with this album that will come to an end--and that's not a bad thing. No other band I know of has worked as hard or deserves to make a living off music as much as Against Me!.

jbjb ,

Why change?

It's hard to criticize a band for wanting to make money. The poverty, the blood sweat and tears that goes into making independent, real punk rock - it has to become tiresome. It's hard to blame a band for wanting to have comfortable personal lives. But when you build an audience by wrapping yourself up in punk ethics and morality, and then promptly disavow all that - it is disappointing. Selling out isn't necessarily about money - if you can get rich on your own terms, good for you. But it is hard to imagine that this is the album Against Me! of yore wanted to make - it's an album that the record company wanted them to make. That is selling out. When you purposely stride to make your sound less, not more unique - that is selling out. Maybe this album is more accessible in that sense. It isn't challenging, abandoning that for simply catchy. But it isn't Against Me! And it is going to break a lot of people's hearts.

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