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11 Ratings

Steve Douglas ,

Rick Estriin &j The Nightcats-‘You Asked for it..Live!

There is something very special about a well done live recording of a great band at the top of their game. Perhaps it’s the intimacy of the artists not only playing superbly, but communicating and interacting with the audience. You can’t really achieve such a thing in a massive stadium where people either watch a group on the big arena screens (I’d rather watch that at home on the TV while laying on the couch), or have a pair a binoculars stuck to your face for two hours (I’d rather watch that at home on the TV while laying on the couch). Either option does not make for a good live recording.

Rick Estrin and the NightCats’ ‘You Asked for It….Live!’ should set the standard for how live recordings should be produced. The instruments come through loud and clear powerfully backing the unique sound of Rick Estrin’s vocals. His harp playing is up front and strong but does not compete with his rhythm section for prominence. He melds the entire ensemble into a powerhouse band that invites the audience to join in on the sheer joy and energy of a band and audience clicking together.
Rick frequently lays some incredibly funny raps on those in the audience and you find yourself responding to his cracks just as the recorded audience is responding. Just listen to the lead in for his tune ‘My Next Ex-Wife’ and the humor just never wears thin. Heck, I’ve listened to this album either in the car or on the stereo while having my morning coffee, at least, 30 times by now and I’m still laughing.
Yep, blues can be funny too, it is not all an outlet for sheer depression. Play ‘Clothes Line’ with Lorenzo Farrell playing a bouncy piano hiding behind J. Hansen’s solid and ‘very there’ drumming and Kid Andersen’s inspiring lead licks, and you’ll find one of the funniest blues raps anywhere. Rick Estrin shares vocal duties with drummer J. Hansen who sings ‘Baker Man Blues’, a solid number on any album. And that is the thing about ‘You Asked for it…Live!’, there is no filler. This is a great live recording from the first cut,’Handle with Care’ to the thirteenth, ‘Too Close Together’.
I recently asked a friend, a fine harp player himself, how familiar he was with Rick Estrin’s music and he said, “Well, after seeing him 47 times, I guess I am pretty familiar with him”. I like most all blues, but this live recording is top of the charts for me.

Mpetros ,

You Asked For It… Live!

I’m a big fan of Rick Estrin & The Nightcats. I’ve seen them up close and live on several occasions. This album captures the fun and great performances of the band with superb quality sound. The ONLY reason I did not rate this 5 stars is due to someone — iTunes??? — bleeping out the occasional blue language. COME ON PEOPLE. I’ve heard some of the tunes on Sirius XM radio uncut, so I know it’s not in the original recording. ITUNES I AM NOT PAYING YOU GOOD MONEY FOR YOU TO CENSOR MY MUSIC. If I knew this was going to happen, I would not have purchased it from iTunes. I would have just gone out to buy the CD. I still might.

DSpear456 ,

Best heard live

Rick Estrin and the Night Cats are a great band, but they are best heard live. Glad I finally have a proper recording instead of relying on tapers. If they are in your town, definitely worth checking out.

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